Water purification industry development difficulties and mor
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   The active water, softened water, deionized water 道道道, water purifiers on the market today numerous brands and use. With residents increasingly serious pollution of drinking water, water purification water purifier has a positive by many consumers. However, water purification products varies greatly, the price confusion and so seriously affect the healthy development of the water heater industry. To enhance the consumers reliability, reduce its purchase of doubt, there is an urgent need to develop the relevant product standards, and standardize the market order, thus creating consumer confidence to buy and use the water purifier market environment.



   For the production of the water purifier, the most important of which is made of activated carbon, ultrafiltration membranes, activated carbon through an ultrafiltration membrane can effectively remove impurities in the water, bacteria. According to some water purifier manufacturers introduced, if the production of defective materials, or there is slight error in the production process, which will not only affect the purification effect, but also easy to breed bacteria lead to drinking water contamination problems. Some industry size and strength of the smaller water purifier business, due to limited funds and technology, leading to substandard water purifier product quality, a serious impact on consumer safety issues.

   a number of water purification companies to gain a foothold in the fierce market, then the price war to attract consumers through lower prices. In the short term, it is certainly conducive to solve the inventory problem, but in the long term, lower prices, companies for profit, have to reduce the quality of materials and reduce the production processes, so that a long time and also reduce water purifier standard throughout the industry. In addition to the price war, a lot of water purifier business uneven levels on pricing, ranging from several hundred dollars to more than a million cohabitation also greatly reduce the market price of the reliability of the water purifier.

   In addition, the homogenization of water purification products is also a major constraint affecting its development. Due to the large differences in water quality of the north and south, so the demand for water purifiers are also different. At present my countrys large enterprises due to their level of water purification technology can not produce a phase targeted water purifier, which also limits its marketing within a certain range. For the development of water purification industrys plight, the urgent need for relevant units to regulate the market order. Strengthen supervision of the relevant materials, production processes, good pricing regulation, governance cohabitation market.

   According to statistics, my countrys current household water purifiers usage of less than 2% of the huge gap, the water purification industry will usher in the next great development machineOpportunities. Behind the huge development opportunities, but also related industry efforts to standardize their work, while the water purifier manufacturers to strict quality control and production control, production of high quality and meet the market demand of water purification products.

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