The three major sources of fresh water wateconservion is evy
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   on the water on the globe generally refers to the overall quantity of water aqueous circle, and human control including surface and ground water and may use direct irrigation, power generation, water and shipping breeding, generally refers to rivers, lakes, wells water, spring water, etc., and usually refers to the narrow sense can be restored and updated yearly amount of fresh water. Main types of freshwater resources are the following.


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the three major sources of fresh water water conservation is everyones responsibility (Photo from Internet)

   1, surface water

   surface water is commonly referred to rivers, lakes, wetlands, or fresh water, the surface water is usually, cumulative rainfall and rain and over the years, to the sea through natural loss or seepage into the ground and evaporate.

   Although the tap water systems of any surface water from the catchment precipitation, but still there are other factors affecting the overall water system, factors including lakes, wetlands, and the like reservoir storage. The impact of human activities on these will exist.

   2, groundwater

   Groundwater usually referred to as the bottom of the vadose zone of the void, of course, include water rock crevices, cracks, and the cave.

   in the ground water is divided into a number of intervals called aquifers.

   3, desalination

   is usually seawater desalination process is converted into fresh water, the most common way is usually rectified and reverse osmosis, desalination cost is relatively high mode, and provide fresh water the amount can only meet the needs of a small number of people.

   However, as the follow-up of technology, more and more low-cost desalination, solar desalination technology in which increasing peoples attention.

   There are several plans already proposed to use an iceberg as a source of fresh water, but so far only limited novelty purposes, not been able to proceed smoothly. The glacial runoff is considered surface water.

   freshwater resources hard to come by, cherish every drop of water is everyones responsibility. (Source: HC purification network)

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