Stopping by a neighbor came to see mand say useless water pu
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   household water purifiers, I am using, you see ......

   I have a thousand dollars, you have so much money.

   I used the money to buy a water purifier, a health drink from fresh water well, water pollution problems could not, then do not worry about the water has chlorine, high-rise towers of secondary pollution toxic lead pipes and taps, there are fake bottled water!

   but you could just use the money to eat and drink a meal of it.

   I used the money invested in health, water purifier is my family and in vitro kidney, because the kidney good water liberation of the whole family, no longer have to worry because the pollution damage to health, no longer have to fear because water pollution and hospital transplant!

   water purifier, I am using, you see ......

   before without water purifier, feel shining white flowing out of the water very clean. But after a water purifier to spend, especially when a few months later change the filter, completely ruined my Three Views!


   If you do not have a water purifier, these impurities bound to drink our stomach, damage the whole familys health. Spend some money to ensure the health, even if no amount is worth it!

   water purifier, I continue to use, you continue to see!


   water purification products expensive? Ah and quite expensive. Like to get into the parking lot to spend the $ 5 parking fee, do not want to pay parking fees lightly parking, etc. may be the ticket is $ 200, that time is not annoyed! Water purifier is the same, the total spend a two thousand dollars, do not want to spend money, may harm the health of the whole family, but do not lose the greater!

   water purifier work? ah, and one can intercept a lot of water garbage!

   rust year about 2600 mg, is 26 000 mg of 10; year from about 9600 mg organics (twenty-two pesticide), 10 years is 96 000 mg (2 pounds of pesticides); about 500 mg of sediment impurities year, 10 years is 5000 mg;!!


   water purifier, I am using, you still look really do not wait until you lose your health, then think of water purifier, too late loss of health, create another much value is all in vain!

   to be healthy, drink well water! in the current increasingly serious water pollution today, to solve the drinking water purifier is goodThe most effective way to water! Do not wait and see, and quickly install water purifier it!

   in the end is to believe the words of others still believe my eyes?

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