Water plant program, you do not know therogram!
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  Water plant program, you do not know the program! 2019-3-29 16:40:45

With the rapid development of modern society, more and more water pollution, water quality is getting worse, many enterprises to enhance overall image, establish a corporate environmental health concepts, to introduce a safe and healthy drinking water way, on the one hand to enhance the staffs daily water environment, show business people-centered concept, concern the quality of life of employees, on the other hand is much lower than the cost of drinking water bottled water, very greatly saving the companys daily expenses. Therefore, the safety of drinking water and healthy economic way for many factories and enterprises supporting the production of choice.



factory direct drinking water characteristics and requirements


1. The number of large-scale drinking water, ranging from dozens to several hundred or even thousands of people people.


2. The water concentration is relatively time point (e.g., before work and rest time of the water peak).


3. drinking water systems must be economical, regular maintenance to the system, to ensure stable quality and yield sufficient water flow.


4. Unit labor-intensive factories are more concerned about drinking water systems drinking water safety and convenience to improve the production enthusiasm and productivity of workers.


factory direct drinking water system is mainly to solve the drinking water factory office and workshop. There are currently two major programs of drinking water - a commercial drinking water purifier + terminal station; two, water supply pipeline scheme, described below, respectively.





a commercial drinking water purifier + terminal station


1 ,. factory office water points


the program uses a commercial water purification filter and the filter tankless water table, the number of 80-150 for people to solve the daily drinking water plant office personnel.


2. factory workshop water points


the present embodiment uses a commercial water purification filter in the filter and stainless steel drinking station energy saving mode, for the number of 100-200, to solve the daily drinking water production plant personnel.



Second, the drinking water system plant centralized water supply system to QualityWater embodiment


The number of factories and other factors, to select a central water purification equipment, drinking water to the water points office and factory engineering workshop through the circulation pipeline. The drinking water of a device may consider the basement premises in buildings disposed at the factory or idle small room, arrangement of water may be considered point disposed a multi-tap water heating function with the terminal in the vicinity of the bathroom each office, and factory each car workshop could be considered indirect a multi-tap drinking fountain available for the number of people available for the number of 100-10000.


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