Water purifiers joined Cost Summary, Marco Polo 0 yuan agent
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   In recent years, water pollution continues to worsen, peoples health consciousness, household water purifiers to join the agency has become a hot investment projects, water purifiers join how much money, the cost of water purification agents What? Marco Polo, Chinas top ten water purifier brand, 0 initial fee, deposit 0, 0 free investment management fees detonated industry investment boom ... price for water purification agents, the topic for the agents who are more concerned about investment providers, when considering the price, it must be combined with quality, a lot of water purifiers franchisees see only low-cost, ignoring the quality, which is not desirable, both, a comprehensive analysis in order to get real value for money! 2017 years is the rapid development of water purification industry a year, many household appliances industry, investors and young entrepreneurs are moving into the water purification industry, but the face of unlimited potential and highly competitive market, water purifiers to join better to do, you need to ? how much is it cost to join the shop which Marco Polo comprehensive analysis, water purifiers joined cost summary, mainly in the following points:? 1, water purifiers to join the brand cost: the cost of major brands is paid when co-signing "initial fee summary, margin, management fees, take the first shipments of "other expenses, a lot of water purifier brand sundry expenses add up to be a county agent on the hundreds of thousands of investment is so difficult franchisees water purifier bear; Marco Polo, Shenzhen source manufacturers, pioneered the "0 initial fee, deposit 0 0 management fees" free investment model, set only a first getting goods barriers to entry: 10 from the grant test market dealers, 3-5 Wan signing regional exclusive agents, sales monopoly, comprehensive support and perfect after-sale ... 2, water purifiers joined the store decoration: the chance beautifully decorated store can effectively improve the transaction. A lot of people look at shop no traffic, think water purification Agent stores do not, in fact, a big reason is because there is no traffic shop decoration is not to force, can not attract customers shoplifting counseling, Taobao shop fitting it with a token, if you go to the shop to buy things people see the decoration is very bad, you still have the desire to buy it? purifier stores to attract consumers to join accesible advice and purchase products through the creation of peripheral and internal image, peripheral the main image of the head through the door banners, posters, flags, affixed, promotional exhibition flag reached a strong sense of visual impact to attract customers, shop fitting through the showcase, product placement, lighting, sound equipment, etc. to create a warm, relaxed shopping environment, Marco Polo water purification equipment to provide for the franchiseeRepair subsidies, according to area high amount of store renovation costs reimbursed!

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