The concept of non-cstantly good, the water purifier should
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  The concept of non-constantly good, the water purifier should be the nature of domestic water purification: Tim net water purifier Views: 542 Date: sales of household water purifiers generally increased 2017-4-11 10:02:06 In recent years, water purification overall market hot, many people have purchased a home water purifier or plan to buy a water purifier. In a large mall West Gate Cross is to buy water purifier Ms. Wu said, it is now increasingly high degree of health concerns, many families around her are equipped with a water purifier to buy, so she wanted to buy a net water, which can be to the mall, only to find to buy water purifier is not an easy thing. A shopping guide recommended a certain brand of reverse osmosis water purifier to her, saying that this technology is one of the strongest filtering effect filter. But another brand shopping guide told her the same mall, the filtering effect of good water purifier as the filter is too thorough, will water contains some nutrients beneficial to humans filter out. He turned to recommend a "ultrafiltration water purifiers," said foreign imports of which is equipped with a "power stone", in addition to blocking harmful substances can rust, bacteria, viruses, etc., but also adjust the PH value of water, so water weakly alkaline, health therapeutic efficacy. Recommended shopping guide, so Ms. Wu was very confused. Also visited a large circle, also found in the West, South Gate, the Lanzhou-Xinjiang and other appliance stores, many businesses have played for the water purifier "alkaline", "active", "oxygen-rich", "Ion water "and the concept of health. People very confused, what kind of water purifier good? An industry source said, drink straight water purification is achieved by the filter to function, manufacturers marked "pure crystal technology", "far-infrared mineralization "" ultrafiltration "and" soft water "and other technical terms, and products called" living water "," deionized water "," ozone water "and so are self-hype, consumers should pay attention to avoid being misled businesses and blindly buy. Tim net water purifier believe, household water purifiers, core functions, the main function is to purify the raw water, let us become safe and clean drinking water. The so-called magnetized water, there is no active water authorities presented evidence, not only credible, but also pay more attention to prevent being cheated.

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