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   recently proposed by the Ministry of Basic Education, the National Education guidance equipment Standardization Technical Committee , primary and secondary education Logistics Association Logistics Branch of the Ministry of Education and educational equipment Research and development Center and other organizations wrote "primary and secondary membrane water treatment equipment with the technical requirements and specifications" (hereinafter referred to as "the requirements and specifications") issued.

   The method of installation and construction of water membrane treatment apparatus used in Primary, with the processing, test methods and marking, transportation and storage of predetermined etc. in detail.

   special emphasis on "life in larger areas the risk of contamination of drinking water" and "water school infirmary with device" must reverse osmosis filtration membrane filtration techniques may be employed in several. Meanwhile, the "requirements and norms" also "ozone" technology has been fully affirmed.

   is not difficult to see that in our country "big risk of contamination" and "medical" is basically "extreme environment" daily drinking water conditions. Both roads lead to Rome to explain the special circumstances in the event of water is not particularly high ideals and standards applications, only the reverse osmosis technology can achieve depth filtration requirements to protect the safety of drinking water from primary and secondary schools fundamentally. In recent years, scientific research famous universities also proved this point.



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   In fact, after the filtration process, is another problem of drinking water storage and sterilization. At present, my countrys water industry disinfection technology divide between the two schools, the majority of companies use antivirus UV and ozone disinfection approach.

   lower UV germicidal cost, easy to spread. However, by the linear light propagation of the radiation sterilization, only applies to "surface sterilized" static aqueous layer and poor penetration in flowing water, a low energy radiation. And long-term immersion in the lamp easily contaminated water will affect the penetration of light and life is not long, you need to regularly replace the lamp, ultraviolet radiation on the human body harm, it is absolutely not allowed to have a leak.



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   ozone can be quickly dissolved in the water, the water can kill harmful bacteria, sterilizationThe speed and effectiveness of fast and complete, further decomposition of organic matter in the water. But high ozone sterilization costs, currently only Ho Chak few other brands use.



(Source: Ho Chak water purifier public number, invasion deleted)

   China has a vast gap between the various regions of the larger environment, economic development uneven. The Education Department to launch industry-standard primary and secondary drinking water, on the one hand reflects the state attaches great importance to this area, but also for the public primary and secondary schools in particular, support staff, parents popularized drinking water filtration technology.

   in the selection of equipment drinking water, and only select the appropriate equipment according to their actual situation, can really protect teachers and students of physical and mental health.

   (Source: Ho Chak water purifier public number, invasion deleted)

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