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   Secret in action yesterday, we learned about the lease together some of household water purifiers door doorway Road, which includes water purifier rental needs its own to replace the filter it, how water purifier "waste water" treatment and so on, today we followed to resolve some of the knowledge about all aspects of leasing the water purifier!


   Fifth, if the water purifier rental service businesses can not complain it?

   is possible, platform the complaints mechanism, the tenant can make a complaint of bad service leasing business, we will be severely dealt with, while also tracking platform leasing mechanism to safeguard the tenants to get the best rental experience.

   Sixth, support for online rental services do

   The Internet is now very developed, in order to facilitate tenants lease, the platform has already launched online payment functionality, all in the platform online payment Related promotions:? [123 ]

   (1) equipment worry-free seven days replacement guarantee

   (2) equipment failure, within half an hour to accept the maintenance tasks to protect two hours to reach the place to start repair maintenance tasks round the clock service not completed immediately replace the same device.

   (3) guarantee deposit platform, so you can lease to time, it will be refunded immediately.

   (4) Leasing to provide full tracking service, guarantee optimal service.

   Seven, water purifier rental platform range is what city?

   water purifier rental is a new model of the market in recent years, water purifier itself is a strong product service the so-called fifth-fifth of products and services, there is the traditional client machines to sell one-time high, people do not follow-up services, no one filter changed regularly, leading to customer spent the money but did not last drink good water, to the back altogether abandoned . And now the good rental model to solve the worries of the enterprise departments and units, commercial buildings, companies, schools, factories, hospitals, logistics companies and other staff more customers pay a small annual fee you can solve the customer drinking water problem, installation, maintenance, filter replacement, water quality testing is done without spending a penny by the leasing company. And efforts to eliminate the worries of people in the process of water purification products in use, for maintenance, maintenance, filter replacement and other technical work full-time presence. The company will be based on different customer needs, providing rental solutions for customers, as far as possible to achieve customer satisfaction. Buy water purifier to be consideredQuestion: maintenance costs: either water purifier, as long as you buy it to use it, you need to constantly consume use, purchase supplies, the cost will increase the frequency of use of the users rise. So, many consumers in the purchase will always take more than one, how much money the supplies? When water purification equipment over time, there will be failures, which are not unusual. The user will need to pay for equipment maintenance costs and the cost of replacement parts, equipment longer the higher the frequency of failures will occur, the number of maintenance will be more.

   These are the questions of water purification products leasing process will occur, I hope for your help!

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