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   When we solved the problem of food and clothing to live with the line, drinking water has become a problem of national mourning, whether urban, rural, nature, drink clean water has become a "luxury." If people in the past to "green" also as far slogan, it has tasted the bitter fruit of national water pollution, water purifier every household regarded at the center of the living room, which is frustrating fact of it!

   so, it has become the peoples daily family life even for a moment leave a part of the water purifier, whether their products need to upgrade? whether to play an unexpected function in the emerging smart home market it? thinking to understand that with the Internet, just to be high after the frequency, mass production of intelligent products can occupy a place in the family of things in?

   in the rise of the domestic water purification equipment can be traced back 2011 years ago, as peoples drinking water safety awareness of relevant laws the gradual improvement of laws and regulations. Drinking water from the water 70 and the "new national standard" has been enacted over the past two months time, on the one hand cohabitation, wayward named bottled water and bottled water market gradually standardized, on the other hand more and more consumers will look transfer to a water purification products. In the drinking water market is showing signs of age old and new alternate.

   After a five-year period of market pioneering, domestic water purifier market has finally ushered in the outbreak. With the same time, users of the water purifiers attitude has become more rational, the ability to purify water purifier in addition to the key indicators outside, intelligent user experience has become the next focus of the influence of consumers.


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   a sales posting gains, water purifier market ushered in the outbreak of the

   In the overall downturn in the consumer electronics market situation, water purification equipment still remain the rapid growth trend. Orville cloud network prediction data from the published point of view, from 2016 to 2020, the water purifier market is expected to maintain a 47% compound annual growth rate, the size of the water purifier 2020 more than 139 billion yuan, is already a invisible hundred billion market.

   A survey data show that only 25% of consumers are satisfied with water quality in the home, there are 46% of people worry about dirty drinking water, water purification and utilization of urban households is less than 2 %. Early water purification products, more or less benefit from water pollution and green card, after five years of market education, clean water is no longer stay in the assembly stage, the major water purifier manufacturersSights on the purification capacity. From the United States, millet, Bole treasure and many other products of view, compared to conventional water purification methods, have adopted four filters purify that water to filter into the PP cotton filter sediment, rust and other macromolecular impurities, then after arrival activated carbon for adsorbing chlorine, and colloidal heterochromatic odor removal, PP cotton cartridge filter and then into the carbon particles, after the last booster pump pressurized hazardous substances by Dow after the reverse osmosis membrane filter out bacteria, heavy metals and other purification complete water out. Indeed, the introduction of relevant standards and enhance the ability of clean water will undoubtedly accelerate the popularization of water purifier.

   In this context, the line began to receive water purifier dealers attention, many brands of water purification product line appears at the mall. At the same time, Jingdong, Lynx and other electricity supplier channels has become an important source of water purifier sales, such as water purification Po Bole made 20,890,000 results when Jingdong crowdfunding March last year, Orville cloud network data Jingdong Mall , Lynx Mall and other water purifier sales growth the last two years were more than 100%. Channel performance of the water purifier market is strong outbreak of another portrayal.

   However, after a long barbaric growth, the current water purifier manufacturers have more than 4000, but the price and quality of the water purifier is still uneven, the proliferation of counterfeit products on the market, the industry seq charge and good things happened quite frequently. Fortunately, the introduction of drinking water standards, enabling users to be more transparent in the purchase of water purification products, while the outbreak of the market, but also doomed the user experience will be the biggest incentive to vote with their feet.


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   Second, the new battlefield intelligence and user experience, water purifier market

   The traditional water purification products achieved by the function is only on water quality evolution, and this is not only contrary to the current trend of intelligent, high-frequency product does not conform to usage. Especially for water purification products that are likely to contact every day, the water purification capability in case of a draw, intelligent and user experience becomes more important.

   With additional features become competitive water purification products. As the market continues to heat up, personalized, diversified consumer has highlighted, Innovation, and quality into the mainstream. For water purifier is especially true, clean water is a major pain point users at the same time there are many users "itch points", and how to solve these users "itch points", becoming a water purification products can No critical hit with consumers becauseSu.

   As previously mentioned, there are currently more than 4,000 on the market water purifier manufacturers, products covered by up to tens of thousands of subsection, to exclude substandard inferior products, how to get out of the homogenization of the product each issue has become a water purifier brand thinking.

   Unlike other vendors on water quality, water temperature, water pressure, water flow and other data, "obsessed" Bole treasure these user parameters affecting user habits intimate features integrated into the product. "3 seconds" direct drinking warm water, for example, will seize on this tedious steps "take water filtration, water heating, thermostats", with the water purifier "water" advantage, using a new type Bole treasure acceleration electric metal film, to achieve a "that was filtered off, i.e. hot drink."

   In addition, according to common scenario water temperature profile 4 is provided, for example, can then water when thirsty, farewell waiting process, of the oven 50 is provided for pain points baby milk punch, when the user has temperature can be adjusted between 75 and 90 degrees when the demand for tea, of course, also need water during cooking.

   difficult to find, adapt to user habits for product sales opened the gap, and the use of the intimate functional changes in consumer behavior, bring their experience more convenient, but it is to increase user stickiness of Fuji Dharma.


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   Third, the water purifier could be the next outlet intelligent hardware?

   If the close of the features users need to identify the itchy spot, the change brought about by the Internet as a water purifier seems to have more imagination, is the new battlefield a matter of opinion. Especially in the case of family things and the trend of smart appliances, water purifier is bound to catch up with intelligent outlet.

   on the water purifier is simple to implement, improve user experience necessary to achieve the water purification process visualization and precise reminder for the core. On the product design itself, Bole treasure on the use of split design, the kitchen will be under water purifier and water dispenser thermostat isolated, drinking fountains and thermostat display has become a natural intelligent interaction module the user can choose the amount of water, the water temperature smart reminders, but also realized the child lock function to protect the security of home use.

   on the operation of the water purifier, as with many other intelligent home appliances, water purifier may be achieved through simple App WIFI module, so that the water purifierEach purification process can be presented on the phone the APP, such as accurate to 1% of filter replacement tips, you can see the life of the filter in real time via mobile phone APP. Bole Bao also uses a lot of user-friendly design, like changing the battery as replacement of filters, a key repair and so on APP. The design and function and intelligent complement each other and form a unique selling point of differentiation, and enhance the user experience.


   secondary pollution bottled water, bottled water, etc. The concept of the game was criticized by a growing number of consumers, and to a large extent in favor of water purifier popular. As a result, the market attracted a Gree, Midea and other industry heavyweights, but also ushered Bole treasure and other outstanding entrepreneurs, as well as many fish in the speculators. The current water purifier market just after the outbreak of the Wild Approaching, how to enhance the user experience by means of technological research and development, intelligent, humane, etc. In this opportunity, and gradually consolidate the brand and market position, will affect the future of water purifier market development of.

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