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As the material life gradually improve, people are increasingly concerned about the health of drinking water, Therefore, more and more families started buying water purifier to purify drinking water. However, in use, many consumers find time to use the water purifier is not long, but the equipment has been damaged, or there is no original water purification function. In fact, this should be in large part because users do not know the life of several factors that influence water purifier, and not pay more maintenance due to the use of the process. Then the factors affecting water purifier life, what does?



   1 purifier structure



Some water purifiers on the market able to automatically discharge, so to facilitate the flushing water purifier, a timely manner to trapped inside the water purifier contaminants washed away, so that not only prevent secondary pollution, but also to lengthen the life of the water purifier.



   2 water quality



different from water, the water quality is different in different regions, for the water purifier filter life impact difference is there. In some places the water quality is relatively good, so filter replacement cycle will be relatively prolonged; whereas if you live where the water quality is poor, then perhaps you will need more frequent replacement water purifier filter in order to ensure the health of their own drinking water.



   3 intensity of use



Regardless of what kind of water purifier, the frequency of use are the most important factors determining the frequency of filter replacement. To know any cartridge filtration capacity is limited. When the filter reaches a certain saturation point had to be replaced, it will not reflect the more obvious waste outlet for the water purifier. Otherwise, the outflow of water from the water purifier will be even more contaminated, therefore, the use of the intensity (frequency) of the high water purifier need periodically replace the filter.



   4 product quality



The water purification filter quality, and the replacement cycle life is usually much longer than the low-quality products. In recent years, high profits attract a lot of water purifier manufacturers have put into operation, which also led to water purifiersProduct quality is uneven. Some manufacturers in the sale to focus more on the concept of speculation for the actual purification effect is very limited. And some manufacturers to reduce cost of production and purification cartridge host, using relatively low cost materials, so it can not guarantee the quality of the water purifier. So we buy water purifiers, be sure to understand clearly the actual use of water purifiers feedback effect, choose from quality manufacturers.



   5 using a material



Membrane materials used commercially mainly PVC, PAN, PVDF three kinds, three materials, each have their own advantages and disadvantages , and if the comparison is food grade PVC membrane, so just from the material point of view, its service life can reach more than 8 years.



   the type of cartridge 6



It cartridge type water purifier, there are many, PP cotton, activated carbon, the RO membrane, the UF film everything, we later purification is the time should be based on their own needs and local water quality to choose different types of water purifier filter life is different. Generally PP cotton filter in 3 months; activated carbon filter 6 months; membrane filter is about 2 years; the RO reverse osmosis membrane filter 3 years; ceramic filter in a year.




water purifier closely linked with the life of these six factors, but it depends on the quality of the purification ability of the filter to a great extent, so consumers in the purchase of millions not too concerned about the price of water purifiers, and all aspects should be taken into account.

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