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   As the high-profile campus security issues, following the popularity of the school bus, campus drinking water has also been attached great importance to the Ministry of Education and local government departments. From the earliest of all schools in Shanghai covering drinking water projects to popularize the national education system in most areas, so that school students drink safe water has gradually begun to implement. In this trend, the US Dvorak water purifier with excellent technology and high quality to win the recognition of schools and parents. Throughout Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Henan and other places hundreds of schools in the world of pure beauty Dvorak common choice.


   and the average family unit and the community compared to school is a special group. Many people, a large quantity of drinking water, drinking water and more concentrated in time between classes and after meals. This water dispensers US Dvorak campus made more stringent requirements. For schools particularity, US Dvorak continue to improve the machines electronic performance and capacity, during the construction period to send professional counseling test machine, and has been sending technical specialists in the subsequent use at any time during follow-up. Completely protect the campus zero fault product, tens of thousands to hundreds of school teachers and students sent to the health and safety of drinking water. Many School location relevant departments repeated testing, the US Dvorak water purifier products have all met the eligibility criteria. For different regions, the US Dvorak water purifier can be targeted purification. Not only can ease the general quality of the northern region hard, prone to cause problems stones, can also improve the general hazards of heavy metals exceeding the south.

   internally and externally US Dvorak water purifier quality service to speak

   Zhejiang Changxing US Wo water purification equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sale and service of high-tech large-scale integrated environmental protection enterprise. Established in Zhejiang Environmental Science and Technology Industrial Park, from raw materials, production, management, logistics, full protection of the quality of water purifier US Dvorak. Dvorak also insisted that the United States no matter how the development, after-sales service determined not to outsource. All service agencies all managed directly by the head office, several hundreds of cities all over the country. US Dvorak truly become x365 24-hour day, high-quality service water purifier brand.

   as a water purifier industry self-discipline brand, US Dvorak after years of market tests, has formed a system of several straight drink machine, water, water purification machines, water softeners, water treatment equipment includes , covering business areas, school areas and public areas of the home community.

   time to compete in the industry around the product price, appearance, beauty Dvorak step ahead. In attention to product quality at the same time, the United States has begun to focus on Dvorak regular maintenance, replacement of parts and other follow-up services to improve the filter level. Regardless of pre-sale or aftermarket, providing full US Dvorak very professional, standardized services, so that consumers truly worry-free drinking water. This is a tool the United States Dvorak established market position and gain market competitive advantage, but also consumers trust the cornerstone of the United States and Dvorak. Future, the United States and Dvorak will be high standards and strict requirements, consumers continue to provide a steady stream of healthy water!

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