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  Water purifier market rapid development, water machine retail ranking "boss" Author: Tim net water purification Views: 368 Published: 2017-10-10 9:21:51 in 2010 when the drinking fountains occupy the next tier markets half of that time, the water purifier market share of less than 20%, but by 2017, water purifier market share as high as 70%, while the water dispenser market share, gradually reduced to 13%. Description of drinking water pursuit of the ultimate hope of drinking water safer, worry, worry. Water purifier market rapid development conclude there are four reasons: First, the technical point of view, reverse osmosis filtration technology products fine, capable of filtering biological 0.001-0.0001 microns, with a sense of resolve to excessive heavy metals in the water, microbes and other issues. Second, the user perspective, users align healthy state of mind. With the improvement of living standards, the rise of the concept of healthy living, attention to food, air, water is higher than in the past, prominent domestic pollution has become increasingly prominent, reverse osmosis products more user anxiety about docking. Third, corporate high enthusiasm. Water purifier market brand participation from 2012 showing more improved significantly, during the year 2013 owned brand engagement over 50, by 2016 the number of overall brand closer to 100. Fourth, and constantly improve the product experience, and earnestly solve the users pain points. Such as product waste issues, noise problems products, product installation and so on, continuing to user-oriented party is the lifeblood of sustainable development of the industry.

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