Walking in the pollution of the road, Beijg needso bdon_ Ame
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  Walking in the pollution of the road, Beijing needs to be done Author: Tim net water purification Views: 667 Date: 2015-11-28 10:56:19 琛岃蛋鍦ㄦ薄鏌撴不鐞嗙殑澶ц矾涓婏紝鍖椾含浠嶉渶鍔姏 water black-odor, serious groundwater pollution, household net net is tim Xiao Bian water is a basic understanding of the status of water in Beijing. Because Beijings sewage straight large displacement, throughout the summer in Beijing sewage water straight about 100 million tons, 90% black-odor of water center of the city is concentrated in the urban fringe, toward the sea, abundance, pass, Chang, and large population river black-odor-intensive areas still. From 2014 to now, the North Canal unabated pollution, pollution is more serious Qinghe, Liangshuihe, Tonghuihe regardless of which of the water in the water quality is very poor. Beijing groundwater pollution is very serious, shallow groundwater Beijing five four categories accounted for 50% of the entire water area of 鈥嬧€媡he plains, deep groundwater four or five water quality monitoring area accounted for 20%, by the end of the southeastern catchment surface water infiltration big influence. Collection of sewage pipe network and also because of the different regions vary widely, the central city sewage collection rate is the highest, followed by marginal groups, sewage collection rate of only one-third of the urban fringe of the city center, sewage collection area of 鈥嬧€媡own planning rate of less than 60%, while in rural areas the situation is not optimistic more, a large number of affordable housing projects a lot of sewage straight row of lakes. Sludge harmless treatment rate is very low, and plans to build 15 sewage sludge treatment facilities, two-thirds have not yet started, sludge treatment must be resolved. Tim net water purification Xiao Bian understand, based on the existence of the serious problems, Beijing will adopt the most stringent environmental protection system, the most stringent water management system, and actively building sewage treatment facilities temporarily, to eliminate sewage straight row.

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