Ningbo establish standardization of water purificion technol
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   In the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances household water treatment equipment at the Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Sub-Committee) recently held the inaugural meeting, Secretary-General of the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances Ma Dejun said that the Sub-Committees secretariat in Ningbo, will, and "along the way" along the countries and regions to carry out more cooperation through the standard research standards.

   A few days ago, approved by the National Standardization Management Committee, the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances Technical Committee set up household water treatment equipment, water, arts, AO Smith, Gree, Haier, 3M, dozens of well-known brands any member of the unit. This means that my countrys household water purification industry has taken the pace of international standards cooperation.

   "By the end of last year, China has more than 3,000 household water treatment equipment company, is household water treatment equipment big country." Sun Hua, deputy director of the National Standards Committee of Agriculture, Food Standards said that as the domestic water lack of standards in the field of processing equipment, resulting in numerous manufacturing enterprises, especially SMEs products of varying quality, a wide variety of functions, publicity exaggerated. Then we need to carry out standard innovative, standard-setting work, and promote the development of the overall technology industry.

   Reporters learned that the Sub-Committee will study the preparation of the national household water treatment equipment professional standard system and standardized research plan, draft, revise some much-needed standards, including drinking water treatment devices, the inner core, joints, activated carbon and other standards, as well as primary and secondary drinking water standards, water purifier manufacturers and other environmental requirements. "We will do a good job amend standards while actively building on existing resources, technical exchanges and seminars standards by Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries of the Organization for Standardization, the progressive realization of output by the technical standards to build and achieve international standardization strategy objectives. "water Arts Group chairman Ye Jianrong representation.

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