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  Tim net water purification water purification engineering training of 39 perfect ending! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 436 Published: 2017-4-26 18:35:04 Tim net water purifier water purification project in April and technical training has been the perfect ending to the day five points, the last two days of training, distribution business large-scale, involving a wide range of content, closely related to water purification and after-sales troubleshooting, troubleshooting is not only the sale of "six pulse sword", is to promote and improve after-sales service "beating dragon 18 palms." The training is specialized training for the core backbone of the engineering staff distributors Tim net water purifier on a regular basis by the senior Kim Yang Bing Engineering Technical Manager personally led training, so your apprenticeship core staff two days to reach the professional staff of clean water engineering service standards, copied by the team who brought learning method. Tim net water purifier China operations center to create "the worlds most valuable whole home water treatment operators," the responsibility to help the dealers first three will be reached, "will be sold, will be installed, will be sale", training a group of professional skills elites water treatment engineering services as the goal. Training time: April 25- April 26 Target audience: each partner companies engineering services two trainers: twilight, Yang Bing Jinpei training methods: instructor to explain, interactive simulated combat training Assessment: combat operations and written in conjunction Training Location: Nanjing City Kejian Jiangning Road No. 198 training Center 鎭噣鍑€姘寸39鏈熷噣姘村伐绋嬪煿璁畬缇庢敹瀹橈紒鎭噣鍑€姘寸39鏈熷噣姘村伐绋嬪煿璁畬缇庢敹瀹橈紒鎭噣鍑€姘寸39鏈熷噣姘村伐绋嬪煿璁畬缇庢敹瀹橈紒

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