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   "Students, you know what drink the water, which water can not drink it?" January 11 morning, in the playground of eighteen Township Central Primary School in Ruyang County, Luoyang City in Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola water purification led by volunteers, an outdoor event on "safe water purification small classroom," the fiery carried out.


   by the One Foundation and the Coca-Cola China jointly launched the "Project Purity" into Ruyang, put in 10 water purification equipment and 12000 safety glass for the 10 schools . Ruyang County Deputy Magistrate Chang Yongtao County Standing Committee, deputy head of Cai Shao Jie, deputy director of Education Lu Qing slope, Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola director and general manager Xu Yonggang, deputy general manager Zhang Xiangsong Dennis Department Store Co. stores, who attended the net water transfer equipment donations.

   booster healthy drinking water to help the children to create happy childhood

   "Chinese rural drinking water safety" second five "plan," pointed out, there were 114,000 unsafe drinking water in rural schools, accounting for all rural schools nearly half.

   children grow up healthy drinking water and has a very close relationship: excessive microorganisms likely to cause gastrointestinal diseases; excess fluorine ranging from causing dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis is caused by weight; drinking water arsenic poisoning can lead to skin depigmentation, systemic chronic coloring, and keratosis based cancer toxic diseases; brackish water often leads to gastrointestinal disorders, low immunity. Drinking water is not compliance will seriously affect the healthy growth of children.

   in 2012, to help solve the water quality is not up to some rural areas, lack of ability or lack of water treatment, drinking water quality is not up to cause, serious impact on childrens health status quo, one fund co-Cola China co-sponsored the "purification program."

   According to one fund, the "Project Purity", safe drinking water professionals and organizations, love enterprises, authoritative testing organizations, research institutes, provide water purification equipment for the health problems of drinking water in rural schools through joint social organization and cups, as well as water and sanitation-related health training, improve the conditions of drinking water and drinking habits of school children, promote healthy growth of children. In order that every child can enjoy the rural adequate, healthy and affordable drinking water. By the end of 2015, water purification program has benefited more than 600 rural schools to help more than 200,000 children to improve drinking habits.

  The Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola as a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Henan, from 2013 onwards joined the "Project Purity", has been put on the 55 sets of water purification equipment for the 46 rural schools in 13 counties of Henan Province, solve more than 32,000 student drinking water. Combined with water purification and child safety tips to protect, to create a "safe water purification small classroom", he has been sent to care for the safety of more than 4,000 students in 30 rural schools to help children enjoy a healthy and happy childhood.

   "We do not only protect the hardware children drink clean water, and more to help children in software training and upgrading safety and health awareness, the guardian of the children grow up safe and healthy." Xu Yonggang said.

   work together so that enterprises care about love from the heart into action

   development is inseparable from society, but a responsible business you tend to contribute to the community by participating in public welfare undertakings. With the development of society and the common enterprise, more and more businesses and make a contribution to charity.

   Since 2007, Coca-Cola China began from their own production operations focus on ecological environment construction, practicing water back commitments. By the end of 2016, a total of about 25.2 billion liters of water back to nature and communities, equivalent to 157% annual beverage production water consumption. "As a responsible corporate citizen, the plant has 22 years, he continued to practice public welfare, we find that public service should do and stick to it, must satisfy two things: First, we are good at business, and second, the community really needed how do water resources continued feedback, good at what we do. on "ceremony, Xu Yonggang share some experiences Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola 22 years experience to do public good.

   "We are sending water purification equipment not only for the children to send clean water, but also to train and enhance childrens awareness of safe clean water. This water purifier security content of our little classroom for many years in the net water safety training, based on the last month has specifically requested the international NGO organizations RighttoPlay (children Right to play) to do with the trainer a course, hope the children in the course of the game to understand, to absorb water purifier safety knowledge. "Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola staff.

   It is understood that this years donations "water purification plan" by 2018, "for the love of peers, all the way to pure pleasure" projects to raise public hiking come. "Love is the sameLine all the way to pure pleasure "Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola One Foundation jointly co-sponsored charity sports, designed to" clean water plan "to raise money so that" clean water plan "to better execute landing in Henan. 2018, there 8 love enterprises and nearly 3,000 caring people participated in the "love of the ride is pure pleasure" public hiking, raise money 400,000 yuan Zhang Xiangsong said at the donation ceremony:. "Henan Zhengzhou Dennis department Store as a retail business models, We have always been very enthusiastic about public welfare, under the leadership of chairman Wang Rensheng actively engaged in poverty alleviation aspects of geological disasters in sports education and other public welfare activities. "

   The" Project Purity "into Ruyang County, also benefited from Zhengzhou Dennis Department Store Co., Ltd., Henan Industry Co., Ltd. the development of sports culture, UU errands, Zhengzhou City super Following the Sporting Goods Co. and other companies involved in love. "not only do we own welfare, but also hopes to work together more caring people, with love business, so care from the heart into action, a common concern of the healthy growth of children. "Xu Yonggang said.

   adhere to the concept of sustainable assist the government to solve social problems

   Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola adhere to the concept of sustainable development into the business and operations, and actively linked business partners, local governments, social organizations and other parties wisdom, innovation in Henan create more than 10 sustainable development projects, which are derived from the Coca-Cola of "we care" adhere to the core values.

   "in the 1990s, on the basis of when poor educational facilities, as a business we donated school; then basic education facilities are good, we began to aid teaching curriculum, children in rural drinking water safety concerns, concerns self-safety awareness training and other children left behind, these projects are government aid solve the most prominent problem in society. "Xu Yonggang said.

   In addition to" Project Purity "and" for the love of peers, all the way to pure pleasure ", the Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola Since the construction, adhere to the 20 years of focus on rural education and disadvantaged children. For example, in 1998 he donated two hope Primary school and continued updating software and hardware equipment for the school year to provide aid courses teach English, music, and sports for the children, the cumulative hours over 1000 hours; from 2009, lasted nearly 10 years on welfare, deaf children and children with autism and other vulnerable groups helping.

   "from the cooperation modeStyle point of view, things can be done more and more enterprises to assist the Government and NGOs, the government, social organizations and enterprises of cross-sectoral cooperation model, is the golden triangle combination. "Xu Yonggang said.

  " Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Cola here for the first time selected the 10 schools, which improve the school environment, drinking water, drinking habits, health habits, will inevitably play a significant role in promoting. But Ruyang County, more than 200 schools, businesses want love, caring people and we can strive for the mountain children together. "In an interview with reporters, Secretary for Education Ruyang County, Lu Qing, says Poe.

   From Hope Primary School plans to clean water, safe small classroom, Zhengzhou Swire Coca-Colas three public projects can see both companies doing public development activities, you can also see the reform and opening up 40 years of government investment in education and social development

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