The next decade will focus on water purification industry Fa
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涓嬩竴涓崄骞?娉曞叞灏间粛灏嗕笓娉ㄥ噣姘村櫒琛屼笟 2015, on the water purifier Falan Ni, is a historic year. This year was Falan Ni 15th birthday; this year, Falan Ni further grow and develop, set up the Henan branch; this year, Falan Ni invited famous film star in glory served as Brand Ambassador, brand advertising landing CCTV channel four, completed a brand transformation to upgrade another; this year, Fa Lanni products better technology and more refined, much market attention ......

   Looking back, frustrating. In 2000, Falan Ni entered China as the first to introduce French brand of advanced water purification technology, Falan Ni water purifier since birth, will focus on the production of quality water purifiers. From the beginning of the industrial water treatment equipment to the latter part of household water purification products to the current 9 series a variety of products, Falan Ni pace a year, to achieve a complete product range produce excellent quality goals. Falan Ni always adhere to innovation, advance with the times, firmly adhere to the concept has been through the process of developing Falan Ni water purifier, along with Falan Ni people since 2000, which lasted 15 years, did not change the words . Hou total Group General Manager, said the next decade, Falan Ni will focus on water purification industry, not to get involved in other areas, focusing on high-quality protection products.

   water purifier, protect the health of you and your family

   With the development of economy and society, the water around us is increasingly contaminated. A lot of people did not attract enough attention, but in reality of water pollution on the human body great. How to prevent drinking contaminated water? The most direct and effective way is to choose a home water purifier that can purify domestic pollution, protect the familys drinking water health. Falan Ni water purifier since birth, that is concerned about peoples need for water purification products, combined with continued consumer demand and purchasing psychology production in line with consumer preferences water purification products. Falan Ni water purification products do not blindly follow the trend, and resolutely take the road of originality, build up their own differentiation, only to give consumers a better user experience. This is also Falan Ni consumers can get the success.

   beginning from the core, fine cast. Falan Ni water purifiers adhere to start from the source to control the quality of the entire process. In various selection, process, inspection, appearance, installation, meticulous, and serve. High standards of production technology, the original URM + safe water purification technology, strict production and quality control ...... every detail, embodies Falan Ni from the heart, to control the quality from the sourcethe road.

   carefully designed, the ultimate beauty

   more engaging and durable, water purifier outside OK, of course, to be different! Falan Ni is not only the pursuit of high-quality products, also sought details of the process beauty, humanity when the pursuit of more use: ultra-thin design, simple and elegant, piano paint brushed effect, beautiful appearance beautiful, small body size, easy installation, color ingenuity, more variety of classic colors possession, giving Falan Ni net water is not the same style and beauty, gives you different ease of use.

   In recent years, some of the water purifier manufacturers are no longer simply "intoxicated" in the field of water purification, and some began to get involved in the Internet and real estate and other businesses, have to seek diversified interests. Falan Ni, general manager of the water purifier Group Houzi Jun believes that with the development of the industry, a viable water purifier manufacturers will finally form their own style. If every family the same, the industry is not much significance. Most importantly, the focus on their areas of expertise, and do our best.

   as a water purifier industry brands, Falan Ni hope the next decade, the industry can represent a stronger voice, but also an obligation to lead the industry more healthy and sustainable development. The next decade, Falan Ni will focus on water purification industry, continue to provide more quality products and services for dealers and consumers.

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