Spring day a group of senior management cadres and expd trai
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   January 31, 2018 - 2 3, in order to improve the Groups management level senior management cadres, enhance the overall quality of our core team, strengthen the company, between departments collaboration and cohesion, every day a group in the spring production base for three days and three nights in the "dedication" to expand the training, the group leader, general manager of companies, heads of departments and a total of 70 middle and senior managers attended the training. Training institutions trained by the founder of the "love force of" domestic famous teacher training institutions Rong Junqing as a speaker mentor, teacher Rong Junqing industry as "personal spiritual growth tutor, international NLP trainers, the pinnacle of the team trainers, coaches technical training tutor, learning network Qilu Guo senior trainer, coach-house training, youth entrepreneurship training mentor "and so on, is the countrys top corporate team coach. Every day one-chuen Group, as a "learning" of private enterprise, adhering to continue to find talent, training, talent reuse concept of employment, vowing to build a called for them to be able to fight, win the battle of the outstanding team.




set goals, set plans to colleagues learning enthusiasm




while studying entertainment, "body" health to "heart" of health

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