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   China Building Materials News: water purification industry is now hot investment, many entrepreneurs have chosen to join the agency purifier, but the investment is a need to do things the preparatory work, until you are ready to open water purifiers stores, you need to consider the following four factors.


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preparing to open several factors (Photo from Internet)

   1 store water purifiers to consider, first delivery problem

   [ 123] the need to measure their energy sales, how many shop, handling capacity of each shop, tentative purchase, or the real thing. Because each water purifier brand requirements, it is hard word to say clearly that we should go to their own judgment based on the actual situation and the market.

   2, about liquidity problems

   about 20% of the total investment, or money is tight, the latter works very hard.

   3, shop fitting problems

   renovation can be more or less, a general store in the area between 30-50, the national average price of decoration around 0.5w-3w, large stores approach it cost about 1-3w, do you see what kind of water purifier brand, may consider different types of stores, or they enter the store.

   4, a vehicle problem

   to transport fuel, the discharge of goods addition. It needs about 35,000. Of course, it can be changed according to the actual situation. Of course, no cars relations, can rent a car operation, specific costs can be estimated.

   Do the above four points preparatory work, your water purifier store operators will be on the right track.

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