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   In the case of today we are very concerned about the domestic water, water purifier has become an important product we protect the family home drinking water health, then how do choose to buy water purifiers?


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   1. a suitable water purifier to make you more comfortable to use, more healthy and affordable. For example, you would just general household water then there is no need to select a high water purifier water purification function. RO reverse osmosis water purifier water purifier features on the market can reach the water completely clean out any impurities, clean out the truly pure water. Maybe you go to buy when the sales staff would highly recommend this type of water purifier to you. At this point, if you just need a home water purifier would be no need to buy such a water purifier. Because such water purifiers are generally more expensive, low utilization of water resources, costs of electricity consumption. If the house is not too poor water quality, then there is no need to choose this RO reverse osmosis water purifier, or you can choose to increase the proportion of fresh water RO reverse osmosis water purification and waste water is 2: 1, other than the market RO reverse osmosis water purifier brand more environmentally friendly.

   2. The water purifier must later select a high visibility, strength of the manufacturers. Often a kind of water purifier on the street, than some well-known brands of water purifiers is much cheaper for users hype. If some users are freeloaders, when the take-home water purifier when it is discovered that there is no use, think back to find someone to theory, the boss is already running. So, when buying a water purifier choice of brand protection is extremely important, even out of the question, at least you can place a theory.

   3. Select the water purifier time to see if there is after-sales service, technical guidance and other services do not. A powerful brand will be before the user may have been the problem started earlier than the user ready, for the user to solve all the troubles technology and its installation procedure, even for future problems and issues should also have a certain degree of assurance. If something is who spend thousands of dollars to buy a few days bad, for anyone who is upset. So, choose a well-known, secure and comprehensive services, water purifier brand is a good choice.

   weSelect the water purifier when we must keep their eyes open, choose a good brand makes a good product.

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