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   water purification industry and the real estate industry are natural allies, a prosperity, a loss for both sides.

   in the construction industry, including real estate (building a house) and building decoration industry (housing interior). Since the reform and opening up, all construction industry is developing rapidly, selling good year for the housing, water purification industry is also developing rapidly; the development of all construction industry slowed, housing difficulty in marketing year, the development of water purification industry is also slower. The reason is simple, housing sold well, residents bought homes, renovation is necessary, it will buy a home water purifier. This aspect is to ensure drinking water safety, improve drinking water quality, improve quality of life; on the other hand will exchange students and colleagues, relatives and friends, mutual learning, mutual competition. Especially now that the country is open to a second child, the population growth rate will be greatly improved, demand for housing will greatly increase year on year; and much study suggested that the house is for living, not for speculation, new housing occupancy rates will be increased. All aspects of the good, the demand for water purifiers will continue to increase.

   first look at two early news reports.

   According to Wuxi e Housing Network October 11, 2010 hearing, the real estate industry Wuxi New attempt, new real estate development partakers water supply system, and provide residents with drinking fountains. Southern District of Wuxi City, "often made Chhnang Regalia." Create efficiency and low consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, healthy and comfortable, high-quality ecological balance of the Phase II residential building "green house" new appearance: fresh air system, drinking water equipment, XPS polystyrene board external wall insulation system ...... quality beyond peer. The real estate to break the traditional way of drinking water, the complete separation of drinking water and domestic water, make healthy life one step. And the owners put a room straight drinking fountains brand, the owners have a drink at any time quality drinking water at room temperature or heated.

   According to Zhejiang Online October 29, 2010 hearing, Pentair central water become Hangzhou real estate and supporting high-end drinking water supplier, in Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel Crystal Palace, Greentown joint cooperation in various units, high-profile announcement high-end products supporting a project of the United States Pentair water treatment system is one of them. In this project, Greentown equipped with central water, central water softener and drinking water and other end products, the maximum meet future owners of clean water, health and comfort. Using home water treatment system is a general trend, in line with a healthy and comfortable mass consumer needs.

   In fact,The above two news far from the water industry and the real estate of the earliest examples of cooperation. In the water industry has a well-known enterprises, is the early production of the filter, the filter of his very famous, very good quality, large exports, but does not produce water purifier. The production of filter profit thin, dirty and tired job, life was very tough. But that is a very fortuitous opportunity, about 2000, fortunately gas came, he was informed that a local real estate owners in the development of a larger community (the people is the development of real estate, he was along for the ride, yo!), When in a house built by household installed a water purifier (under the kitchen of the formula RO water machine), then all of a sudden more than a thousand sets of RO water machine orders, each have nearly a thousand dollars net profit, once earned more than one million , struck gold, tasted the sweetness, has embarked on the road of producing water purifiers, water purifiers and gradually become the industrys well-known manufacturing companies, water purifier production became the main industry, the filter is only incidental doing.

   March 5, 2017, in Nanjing Han month House Hotel, Nanjing wing cat 7 zone synchronization on the line starting ceremony was held. The launch of the meeting, Science and Technology and Shanghai Bao wing cat cloud Group signed a 300 million sets of water purification systems wing cat intelligent protocol. Readers are reminded that this is a sum of nearly one billion yuan in the water industry an unprecedented large single Oh!

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   cooperation in the field of water purification industry and the real estate industry is not limited to household water purification products, in the field of commercial water purifier, public water areas, also has a broad and bright prospects for cooperation. According to recent media reports, Haier water purification cooperation with Wuhan Sanxin real estate, real estate projects in the East Lake to Habitat Sanxin opening, Haier clean water initiative and quality services, not only scored 15 HZR200-5W large orders, but also by Wuhan three Xin real estate highly praised for their employees warm water purifier Haier commercial endorsements.

   These articles are talking about the news purifier companies penetrate the real estate industry, cooperation in the building when the family took into account water purification drinking water system, this model has attracted wide attention of society, as well as a large number of news media coverage. There is no doubt that the cooperation of our water purifier companies and real estate developers, development, production, promotion and application of water purifier is a good marketing model.

   water purifier companies and real estate developers and building design institutes jointly, in the villa, while real estate development, the design of housing design took home water purification system, including, when a house built paved the piping system, theWater purification equipment installed, when submitted to the owners of the water purification system at the same time handed, so to improve the quality of housing, the price of course also high; and if development houses have water purification systems, there is a new wind system, central air conditioning system, it is more a selling point, after all, among the various real estate development company, among all real estate, is also a competition, so that developers sell the house even more. The results achieved real estate developers and water purification plant "win-win".

   We might as well run, a 150 square meters of commercial housing, housing twenty thousand yuan per square meter, a total of 300 million yuan. I have developed this house water purification system, new air system, central air conditioning system, improve housing quality, plus one thousand dollars, the user can accept per square meter. An increase of $ 150,000 cost water purification system, fresh air system and central air-conditioning system does more than Zhuozhuo, better to sell the house, the developer and make a fortune.

   As high-end houses, not to mention that, from the home intake prefilter, reverse osmosis water kitchen of the formula in the kitchen (cooking with cooking), toilet and laundry the central water purifier and water softener (bath, wash, laundry), ice hot drink straight large living room, study and bedroom desktop free installation of reverse osmosis machine and so on, this water purification systems, water purification plant You can sell fifty thousand yuan (profit is not small Oh), an increase of one hundred thousand yuan when developers offer prices (just referring to water purification systems, excluding air system and central air conditioning system). For a set of millions and tens of millions of villas, the wealthy can afford to live for those officials luxury villas, the one hundred thousand yuan, but a piece of cake.

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   to develop new residential area of 鈥嬧€媤ater supply (drinking water pipe), the water industry is another typical example of cooperation with the real estate industry, there is no sincere cooperation, the area of 鈥嬧€媤ater supply so why not an empty promise ! such as Nanjing water cup, high in Guangzhou, etc. specializes in the production area of 鈥嬧€媤ater supply equipment of well-known enterprises in the industry, the relationship with the real estate naturally be unusually.

   and real estate developers cooperation can effectively drive sales, increase sales, and well-known real estate developers cooperation will also increase the brand propagation effects. However, profits and real estate developers cooperation is relatively low, the risk is relatively large, but also to capital returns and other issues, in dire need of attention. In cooperation with real estate developers both sides have sincerity, good relations, long-term cooperation to achieve win-win situation. Real estate business meeting, when exhibitions, water purification factory or dealer may wish toWalk, Lara relationship, maybe there will be a windfall it!

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