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  Buy water purifier, it is not the more expensive the better? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 250 Published: 2018-11-3 14:01:28 We all know that water pollution is already very serious, so more and more families start using the water purifier. Some have not bought a water purifier people, began to consider buying a water purifier. Recently, many of my friends continue to consult small series, the most asked question is simply: in the end how to buy a water purifier for their own? It is not the more expensive the better? For the people do not come into contact with water purifier, presumably a lot of people have this question. Well, today we have to talk about to buy water purifier should pay attention to what. Water purifier, by definition, is used to purify water. But water is not the same everywhere, some places it is bitter to drink, the water in some places of the kettle to boil easy guitar scale, spring water to drink up a little sweet ...... this is the difference between water quality. Tim reminder before the net purchase of water purification machines, we must first find out the local water quality. Why drink it will suffer, it is because excessive alkali water; because it is easy to furring calcium (Ca) in water more magnesium (Mg) salts and other mineral content; sweet water and because it is rich in minerals, of course, household drinking water, sweet water usually can not make the event. Whether or bitter water easily furring of the water, the water quality is excellent, this is recommended to use reverse osmosis water purifier for drinking water softening. Also hard water, then washing clothes easy to yellow, conditionally if the proposed acquisition of a water softener. If the situation does not appear excellent water quality, buy water purifier is mainly to remove sediment, microorganisms, colloids, such as diatoms, especially the chlorine in tap water harmful to human health must be filtered out, then a ultrafiltration machine is used to meet demand.

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