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  Spring Festival is approaching, a deep sense of festive atmosphere has arrived. The new year, many expatriate lifestyle of people will go home a happy unity over years. Then send their elders send relatives to send what is better? Editors Choice green water purifier to you. In order to protect the familys water problems, water purifier has become the preferred home of the New Year, gifts sent water purifier has become a trend. So how to choose a quality water purifier it? With the view.


   First, confirm the demand

   Most of the residents of water mainly from two aspects, domestic water and drinking water. Different needs to buy water purifier is not the same, consumers can select the desired water purifier according to their needs, according to family needs flexible combination to achieve the best water purification effect.

   Second, understanding of the water quality

   principles water purifier by way of the terminal, to the effect on the human body harmful substances by filtration, water purification. According to different water quality throughout, water purifiers functional design is also different. Chinas vast territory, water quality vary greatly, generally speaking northern hard water and impurities, should buy advanced filter water purifier or water softener; south the water is soft, heavy metals and serious secondary pollution, high water quality requirements of the family optional water machine, can be selected if the local water is preferably ultrafiltration.

   Third, understand the brand and qualification

   Todays market can be described as white flowers are blooming water purifier, you want to choose a water purifier is not easy. Select course to choose a professional water filter water purification, brand, while view of quality and test reports, compliance with "drinking water quality standards," the relevant norms.

   Fourth, after-sales service

   water purifiers use non-disposable device, the on-site testing, installation, filter replacement, maintenance of technology has certain requirements, it can be said is the need for water purifier long-term maintenance of household goods used to select a brand of after-sale protection, which are related to the vital interests of consumers to purchase and use the water purifier.

   Chinese New Year approaching footsteps, and healthy we can not wait, before the New Year to buy a water purifier to bring health protection for their families and relatives. I hope the above introduction can bring some help for everyone!

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