2015 Water Purifier Market Review- Market to grow the indust
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   2015, total shipments of household goods and domestic water purification companies is about 6.8 billion yuan (incomplete), compared with 55 billion yuan in 2014, about 25%. But overall, the growth rate has slowed down compared with 2014. In fact, in the domestic economy upshift, the environmental impact of the downturn large property transactions, the situation of Chinas household electrical appliance enterprises became increasingly difficult. The water purifier can buck the trend growth is not easy. Continuing to enhance consumer demand coupled with the promotion of national "water ten" and a series of flood control policies to promote water purifier market is growing much faster than traditional appliances, and will continue to maintain strong growth momentum. It is estimated that from 2015 to 2020, water purification equipment market will maintain a 45% compound annual growth rate, in 2020 the scale of water purification equipment to more than 128 billion yuan.

   pattern of stabilization of the new army increased sharply

   By 2015, the water industry brand pattern generally maintained a state in 2014.

   three brands first camp in billings threshold raised from 2014 from 500 million to 800 million yuan. And still by the United States, Patio (plus Unilever), A.O. Smith composition.

   threshold for the first camp in 2014 the threshold of the second camp: between 100 million to 500 million yuan. In the range of 500 million yuan to 800 million yuan to form a vacuum, not a brand in 2015 to enter this zone. But in the second camp gathered a large number of potential brand impact of the first camp. The second camp consists of Angel, Philips, Four Seasons song Mu sun rain, nine-yang, Haier, open can, ho Chak, clean water source, 3M, liters, Pentair (Everpure plus), EcoWater composition and other brands.

   AO Smith, no reverse osmosis water purifier barrel

   A third group threshold between 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan, 50 million water purification may also be referred to domestic large-scale enterprises watershed. The third camp mainly by the Gree, TCL, Sloan, springs, Qin Kang, Hansi Dun, Ainikesi, Baokang, Pentair and other brand components.

   in terms of new brands to enter, and 2014 is different from 2015 into the new brand significantly more than in previous years. Downturn in the appliance industry by the economic downturn affecting the development of some home appliance brands have added to the water industry in the past. For example, before the sales rankings in the field of domestic water dispenser sudden Angel Ningbo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (brand new Camry), KayFulong electricity supplier brand water purifier music Pa, consumer technology brands like millet and home appliances brand can rate and so on. It is worth mentioning that the media environment millet into the water industry before and after the formation of a strong contrast, millet officially declared after the water industry, but significantly reduced the degree of concern. But millet crazy patent-pending "millet phone" marketing or play caused quite a stir in the industry.

   Angel A6 water purifier sold 100,000 units celebration and A8 new listing published

   2014 red-hot celebrity endorsements water purifier brand and other marketing events significantly reduced in 2015, only 2015 Lin Chi-ling early endorsement sun rain more sensation.

   foreign brands, in addition to 3M and so few, mostly manifested as weak state after acclimatized.

   major brands major market action performance in 2015 are as follows: US water purification in the fourth quarter of 2014 was placed under the hot water to live electrical division after division in 2015 continued in 2014 with a steady rise momentum of development. In the corporate marketing activities level, the Shanghai International Water Exhibition June 11, 2015, the United States announced a strategic partnership with the US water purifier brand ELKAY (Aiken), the joint efforts by both parties to integrate their respective technologies and market resources, formally enter the commercial market, with water purification equipment for public spaces developers schools, buildings, hospitals and airports. The partnership has also become an annual event on the US water purification business in 2015. At the product level, the United States continued the main push in 2014 the momentum tankless series of reverse osmosis water purification machines, the 2015 mid-November 2016 January 6 date, the US water purifier carried out for 50 days, "that filter ready to drink universal storm "activities, the countrys main push model core stores MRO201-4 no cans reverse osmosis water purifier sales amounted to 10,000 units.

   committed "designed specifically for the Chinese water quality," the Patio, focus is placed on 2015 sales. From June 2015 began, Patio bring new QR-RO-400A water machine in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other places nationwide tour organized clean water carnival. Patio This still would like to further promote water purification products return to rational prices, the upgrading of domestic household water purifier penetration.

   Philips dealers gathered in the water purification products exhibition visited

   A.O. Smith in 2015Years of work is mainly reflected in the product development. During the Shanghai Water Show, A.O. Smith, 141 years to bring its patented technology reverse osmosis water purifiers and built for users of high-end villa whole house water purification system debut. AO Smith always adhere to meet consumer demand as the core, through a large number of fine consumer research found that the current pain points of water purification products focused on "Water quality is truly safe," "for the core high short cycle cost", "small water flow "" Could heating on several major issues "and" bulky occupy space "and so on. To solve these problems, A.O. Smith has successfully developed a long-term patent reverse osmosis technology, filter life improved significantly. Where the water flow large flow of patented technologies MAX5.0 long-term reverse osmosis water purifier AR1300-F1 up to 3L / min, it is a major technological breakthrough in the field of non-barrel high-volume products.

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