We need to add water softener pump
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   running water softener that requires a certain pressure to ensure that the water to be treated through the resin, then the water softener need to add the following pump it take you to find out?.




The water softener is often used ion exchange technology, is exchanged by the function of ions with water on the resin calcium and magnesium ions, to adsorb excess water calcium and magnesium ions, to remove the scale ( calcium carbonate or magnesium) purposes. We need to add water softener pump? Below take you to find out.


soft water requires a certain inlet pressure, generally maintained at between 0.15 ~ 0.6MPa can, in this pressure range will not affect the operation of the water softener. Generally tap water pressure will exceed 0.15MPa, and therefore do not use booster pump, unless local low water pressure or no water, install water softeners will increase the pump.


soft water pressure is not too high, otherwise the device will appear abnormal


1, demineralized resin leak


when the pressure is too high when anti rinsing with demineralized water the degree of bulging of the resin can be calculated departing from the scope of people, if the holes upper cloth water is very large, then it is easy to make the resin into the demineralized water from the upper end to the multi-way valve, and then from the drain conduit discharged.


2, too much water


the time when the pressure is too high, when re saline injection, the injection will be a lot of water to salt in the box, so that the high water level makes, there may cause water overflow.


3, good regeneration


when the pressure is too high, the speed will be very fast absorption of salt, and therefore cause regeneration time is shortened so that the inside of the resin tank demineralized resin less than a good regeneration effect.


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