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   appear water purifier influenced many peoples lives, past water pollution problem has not been effectively addressed, basic water problems of life of residents is not resolved, theres just water purifier can solve this problem, due to the rapid development of water purifier, the market produced a variety of brand of water purifier and manufacturers, both consumers want to do water purifier to join the agents do not know how to choose, charm is still below water purification experts will introduce the next few errors purifier to buy.

   The first misunderstanding water purifiers to join, water purifiers filter, the better, some consumers believe that multi-stage filter water purifier would be better, but that is not true, it is not a multi-filter Representative products better. Some water purifier brand products, in order to reflect their own product filtering effect, frequently promote their products are eight filters, or even 10, 12 filter. However, simple filtration materials are used, the filtering effect may not be as strong a high-performance filter. Of water purifier, the several stages of filtration, it means a few cartridges installed. On the current water purifier market, to be able to achieve direct consumption in two ways: ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purification technology RO membrane technology. Generally, ultrafiltration confidential drinkable filtered after reaching effects normally enough to use filter 6, a general configuration "PP + KDF cotton Calgon activated carbon + + + carbon composite filter membrane +"; trans RO water permeability need only five filters, can achieve good results, is the standard "PP cotton + granular activated carbon activated Carbon + + + RO reverse osmosis membrane post silver activated carbon." So when consumers buy, not too much greed and filtration stage, for their own needs, according to the above criteria to select the appropriate fine.

   The second myth, to buy water purifier brand does not look professional when choosing heavy water purifier, pay attention to choose the most professional water purifier brand products, because many manufacturers, that water purification It is great market prospects, and crossed the border into the water purification industry, so the production of water purification products is only incidental, but the real brand products are not water purifiers. A water purifier is directly related to health products people body should be selectedChoose those specializing in the production of water purifier manufacturers, not only have good protection on technical quality, but also to provide a more professional service.

   The third myth, water purifier filter may not change for a long time and some water purifier brand products, in order to relieve consumer concerns about the subsequent replacement of the filter, the filter can promote their 3--5 years without replacement . In fact, this is wrong, look at the entire water industry no guarantee of specific filter length of their life. Filter usage time is not as long as possible, the working principle of water purifier that absorb large amount of organic matter in the form cartridge filter, so that the adsorption of organic matter and play a purpose other organic impurities in the water and filtering, but the organic matter easy for bacteria breeding ground, if changed regularly or clean, in turn, not only does not lead to water purifiers purify effect, but increased pollution. Cartridges and ink cartridges on a printer, ribbons as are consumables, with the more consumed faster, but not in time to filter replacement, mainly to consider the amount of household drinking water, local water quality, qualified and properly installed the use of methods, in general, headed the small amount of water or water purifier water quality and taste of the time period used to explain the life of your home water purifier filter has been reached, this time for the health of your family you have We have to change the filter. Joining purifier

   Fourth misunderstanding, the filtration accuracy higher the better water purification products can not just filtration accuracy, but depends on the quality of the filtered. Water quality conditions in each region is different, to be targeted to select which type of water purifier according to water quality. Water containing chlorine such as urban and rural areas, higher organic content, odor heavier Leis, five filters should be selected ultrafiltration water purifier; if the water hardness is high, the water contains calcium and magnesium ions, bacteria, viruses, and other heavy metal ions contaminants RO RO water should be used.

   charm Shang Zhongguo top ten water purifier manufacturers, water purifiers to join the agency to do a good policy, a good choice, brand water purification, trustworthy.

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