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   terminal sales role in the development and growth of enterprises in a self-evident. Water purifier business want to achieve in the fierce market competition in their status, win at the starting line, it is necessary to understand terminal sales, good sales terminals, so as to truly put into operation of the enterprise persistence.

   with a positive attitude to work

   in China at the present stage, the sales staff is still in short supply, which of course refers to the talents. What is good? It is found in different positions on the work he has done marketing, exploration and research. It is said that the marketing people easy entry difficult apprenticeship. Especially for terminal salesperson, that line entry is not generally difficult. However, we found that many dealers or brand operators, are often confused as to recruit people in the operator terminal, can not find a good sales personnel. As the saying goes: three hundred and sixty, very best, as a terminal practitioners, must have a positive attitude to work. I have a few friends, and now in this industry do regional managers, even sales director, and both are from the terminal to start the salesman. Do terminal sales deep impact on their future career development, can learn and find many valuable market experience than theoretical knowledge. With the fierce market competition, and now the boss of many SMEs, visit the terminal phenomenon has been commonplace. Therefore, so to speak, it is the first lesson terminal water purifier sales people recruited.

   Win before departure

   Watch many terminal manufacturers, competition has very cruel. If you do not change the extensive dealer management in the past, it is difficult to adapt to the current market environment, todays market is the winner takes all. We all know how important sales execution as in the terminal sales, general business market will have a more detailed plan, including:! How many points covered, how many people move, expected the number of goods. But often ignored, it is difficult to find specific execution issues, because it is a dynamic work program. Some people say that marketing no fixed style, but any industry to do professional research refinement, you will find that there are many striking similarities. So, when we are carrying terminal sales, to know how to summarize research and other manufacturers in the implementation of specific work, effective work out a problem for their own business terminal sales occur at any time, to solve the problem of the system, so we will the terminal sales implementation of the plan in place to win before departure!

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