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  Why water purifier will produce waste water? How to dispose of such waste? Time: 2018-10-20 11:09:30 water purifier Why would dispose of the waste water waste what these do?? This produces waste water purifier core technology called reverse osmosis membrane, this water purifier is the most common water purifier, water purifier is being used by many families. So, this water purifier principle is what? Know the principle, we know why the waste water produced! Principle to resolve water purifier reverse osmosis membrane is a filter element, the use of molecular-level filtration to remove harmful water substances produced water. Filtered reverse osmosis water purification unit is divided into three steps, but not the same as the number of some filter: 1, First initial filtration filters called PP cotton filter, larger particles can be removed of impurities in water, such as debris, rust, etc. This but also to protect the reverse osmosis membrane to prevent clogging debris, however, some of the relatively small size of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc., can not be removed in this session. 2, the beginning of a reverse osmosis membrane filtration filtering stage can not remove bacteria, viruses and other harmful particles after the reverse osmosis membrane are filtered out. A reverse osmosis membrane filtration precision is very high, only one ten thousandth micrometers, while the smallest viruses have to 0.02 m, and subjected to reverse osmosis membrane can filter out virtually all of the impurities in the water. After water reverse osmosis membrane is made by pressing the past, there is always a part of water mixed with impurities make life difficult for the reverse osmosis membrane, so this part of the water is also called water concentration, that is, we often say that the wastewater. 3, the third stage is usually the last post carbon filter, water, color, smell and the like can be adsorbed out to improve the taste of water, and we can directly obtain potable water. Reverse osmosis water purifier can effectively remove the residual chlorine in water, organic matter, heavy metal ions, but also to eliminate the odor to eliminate the water scale, in everyday use, you can simply replace the filter regularly. What role have the reverse osmosis water purifier? Home reverse osmosis water purifier produced to drink, soup, porridge, tea, powdered milk, etc., pure taste, especially tea, taste really good, I do not believe you can try oh; because removes calcium and magnesium ions in water, protect the skin, has a cosmetic effect. But at the same time a water purifier drinking water will produce a lot of waste, some manufacturers will produce propaganda third of the waste water, in fact, to see my personal experience, far more than one-third. How do we dispose of the water it! Let go directly pity, And give you support a move, if your home kitchen in the bathroom next door, you can make a hole in the hidden wall, the water purifier tube into a waste water bucket toilet, flush the toilet, rinse the mop, wash clothes It is that you can use. If the toilet compartment with kitchen far, and that the renovation work would have time to do it.

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