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   of our home water purifier penetration rate of less than 5%, far lower than Japan and South Korea and other countries, and the past two years, the annual water purifier market demand presents a rate of 200% -300% growth, according to the experts estimate that the next decade or two, the water purifier is the golden age of development, the overall size of the market may exceed 100 billion. Therefore, the water purifier is now recognized as a good investment, but more than 4,000 water purifier manufacturers, water purifier Agent how to choose a good water purifier manufacturers do?


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   first, look at the brand development and planning

   first of all, a mature brand sound business philosophy, water purification agents to open the local market more easily, so agents should select the visibility and a higher degree of professional water purifier brand. Second, brand development, the water purifier brand to have good business ideas and long-term planning, therefore, agents to choose a long-term positioning, high growth, there is potential for development of water purifier brand. Add fresh water purifier water purifier is the strength of the brand, consumers establish long-term win-win cooperation relations with satisfactory strength of the brand water purifier, water purifier brand strength of innovation, choice and fresh water added to such a mature brand, will be able to make money long-term, stable and earn money, earn money at ease.

   Second, see if there is a complete product line

   excellent water purifier manufacturers should not only production and not sales, or sales only not production, production and sales of not only water purifier manufacturers out of the market, unable to understand the market demand-oriented, not only the production of sales can not grasp the real core technologies can not technically a real help to the agency, out of any of them, We can not be called a complete product line. Fresh water is added to the water purification industry a rare development, production, sales and service in one of the water purifier manufacturers, has extensive complete product line, will consider a number of factors, serve agent in all respects.

   Third, look at the quality of products and selling

   product quality determines consumer word of mouth, water purification agents decide whether the local long-term hairExhibition, water purifier manufacturers must strictly control the quality, in order to ensure the interests of agents fundamentally. Add fresh water purifier manufacturers have been fundamental to the quality of production and development of products manufactured in either part or the whole water purifiers are subject to stringent testing, a fundamental guarantee of product quality. Also, add fresh water purifier manufacturers have a strong late-stage development team, and constantly develop new technologies, new products, product differentiation outstanding, plus the fresh water purifiers stand out from the wide range of products, with strong selling points, beat competitors.

   Fourth, understand the business of joining support policy

   Clearly, the full complement of water purifier manufacturers to dealers to provide the intensity of the Agent support policies, can help agents grow faster. Add fresh water purifier manufacturers to provide all agents to join the regional market protection, training support, store decoration image support, business guidance, marketing planning support, marketing materials, marketing support, technical support, media, advertising and many other support services Agent so that all agents franchisees peace of mind business. In addition to the commitment to support all aspects of the more important is the water purifier manufacturers have to fulfill in order to be effective, when adding fresh water purifier manufacturers and agents signed contracts, will support these policies written contract, to ensure that they implement support .

   5 to see how many manufacturers advertising

   Wine is also deeply afraid of the alley, even the best product out there no advertising launch, still not well-known, there is no market. Add fresh water purifier manufacturers in order to further promote the agent with the franchisee, to expand the market, can only say that the agent for the franchisee and market interests, plus fresh water purifier willing to invest.

   Sixth, look at the price and profit

   for water purification agents, investing in good condition is not only profits, but also there is room for development profits. Only water purifier manufacturers to lower the price to the agent to agent, to make huge profits agents, while only water purifier manufacturers to give agents the market retail price rationalization, in order to ensure development space agency profits. freshThe purpose of water plus water purifier manufacturers to cooperate with agents of a "win-win", therefore, add fresh water purifier manufacturers to give agents a proxy market price and the retail price of both affordable, profitable.

   Seven, improve service

   For consumers, products, and services are indispensable, for agents, it is also in this way. Whether consumers or distributors, fresh water is added to the concept of service-oriented to a high standard of service providers to their own requirements, for agents to provide better products, but also to provide better services. Fresh water plus the "good faith, the quality of the eternal," the purpose is not only to consumers, but also the face of the agents.

   to select the water purification industry is an opportunity to choose, choose water purifier manufacturers is a challenge, a selection can determine the success or failure of water purification agents, and therefore, water purification agents franchisee to examine multiple manufacturers in the choice of the water purifier, more contrast. Of course, add fresh water purifier manufacturers as more specialized manufacturer of water purifiers, water purifiers also invite you to share one hundred billion fortune.

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