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   In recent years, with the growing water pollution, water purifiers and more and more people are concerned, the family is becoming a must have healthy drinking water appliances, water industry was popular in the home appliance market, many of my friends have seen Supply water purifier, more and more people choose to invest in the water industry, water purification agents for a time joined by fights explode. As the saying goes, Tomorrow, it is true, as the water industry, more people are concerned, the choice in urban development or rural development in view of divergent views. I believe that, for water purification agents to join, we can say more promising economic potential in rural areas, water purification agents to join the rural market advantage, although the higher income urban economy, however, feedback from franchisees water purification agents back sales data show that, compared to twelve cities now do in the four-tier cities and rural areas to promote the better, obviously, water purification agents to join the rural market advantage argument is true, want to understand the friends, the following are the advantages and characteristics of urban and rural markets agent of our analysis.


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   rural water purifier Agent Advantage: water pollution, water, health and anyone want to drink clean water. When it comes to the rural market, to achieve a comprehensive well-off society, this is different from the past, rural economic level has a new look, to enhance peoples awareness of health, from the past into the present drink can drink healthy water. With the improvement of new rural construction, the popularity of tap water, water purifier has become mandatory in many home improvement appliances. Our country is a large agricultural country, large rural population base, the rural population accounts for about half of the total number of population, the huge population base determines the huge market potential; environment and climate change makes rural areas coupled with increased fertilizer and pesticide use, making the rural drinking water is difficult to get completely healthy, so the rural market demand for water purifiers are increasing year by year.

   on the spending power, in the first-tier cities have a house, its economic capacity is also good, but also by environment factors, these consumers tend to pay more attention to quality and service, higher requirements for the brand, do not pay attention the price factor. With the improvement of peoples living standards, the demand for health and environmental protection are also prominent, many consumers are beginning to arrange a healthy home environment, compared to the price more attention to product quality and after-sales service and other factors. So for the first-tier cities of quasi-water purification agents franchisee, the potential consumer groups is to choose a water purifierBrand a big advantage.

   As the regulatory policy of the country, second and third tier cities gradually showing plenty of investment prospects and space. Policy makes real estate developers move from first-tier cities to second and third tier cities, second and third tier cities and the economic level of development than the first-tier cities also did not stray very far, so now most of the water purifier brand in second and third tier cities began to grab. In the second and third tier cities, vast water purifier market is self-evident, and the intensity of competition is no more than first-tier cities, water purification agents franchisee who should become a regional brand king who will be able to grab a larger market share. So second and third tier cities purifier prospective franchisees who want to use a proxy strong advantages to win the favor of consumers and recognition as soon as possible.

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