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   have a lot of friends on the title question, choose water purifier brand is not very simple? Directly to big-name is not on it, the big brands is certainly not wrong. In fact, you may only choose a big, not picked the right brand, it plainly still did not choose the brand, because well water purification agents in this direction our purpose. Below small just like to talk about what is the right brand ...



   water purifier investment agency should be noted that one: Why choose big water purifier agents It may not be the best choice? we have to analyze the biggest feature big-name, big name, high price. They are rich, but money is the product up, high promotion costs, the price is certainly high. Then we have to look at than the quality, if not small traders dragged back, moderately priced quality water purifier manufacturers will lose it? Obviously will not. And then we come to compare R & D capabilities, there must be a really big R & D ability to do, but does not necessarily, many of which are dependent on their brand reputation, while the use of OEM in the long distance to see, updates slow, single product to attract both decline, some big universal phenomenon.

   water purifier investment agency should pay attention to two: the level of consumption from the brand of choice

   with respect to the four-tier cities, people relative consumption levels not so high, the big line is not within the scope of peoples affordability. In the same quality, the price people are willing to choose the relative comparative advantage of water purifier brand, but water purification agents how to choose the right brand, which need to focus on water purifier brand support policies in the region. Some brands in some empty area without considerable fame and heat, which is water purification agents, the need to allow people to introduce a brand is relatively difficult, all you need to find some local heat water purifier brand.

   water purifier investment agency should pay attention to three: constantly upgrade themselves

   unless you are very familiar with the industry, otherwise known as a water purifier an agent, you still need to keep learning, whether it is from the functionality of the product, or on ways and means of marketing from. Only by constantly self-improvement, wasIs the road to success.

   picked the right brand, water purifier is still a long way to strip, people have continued to enter the industry, people keep out of business, each one has their own successful adhere to the road. I hope every water purifier agents can get a good delivery.

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