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   HC purification network today is most looking forward to the children of Childrens Day, because this time, not only a holiday, you can give yourself the gift received from parents. While gave the children gifts they want most, make them happier, but parents are always concerned about the childs growth and health problems.

   seen before a news, saying that the child is particularly fond of drinking cola, juice drinks and the like, and then very distressed grandparents grandchildren. With drinks every day as a long-term drinking water to the grandchildren, then the grandchildren of the body is getting worse, we can see the drinking water for a childs growth is how important.

   then you know what water purifier in the end, right? And why water through water purification treatment, than not been treated water purifiers are much more healthy? , Now Xiaobian a look at it.




   What is a water purifier?

   refers to the use of water treatment equipment in accordance with the requirements of the water to be treated depth filtration and purification of water quality of the water we drink.

   and the water purifier is divided into two types of graded-type water purifier, that is, we had used a conventional water purifier. Although it can purify water, but the substance is handled will accumulate inside the filter, the long run is not only harmful to the human body, the machine will not operate properly. So traditional water purifier is that you need to manually open the cleaning regularly.

   Another type water purifier is self-cleaning, two inside the channel increases, the channel is washed with water, in order to achieve self-cleaning function. And may also use the water is supposed to flow out to the retentate washed away rapidly discharged. Compared with traditional water purifier, this is more convenient and advanced. And this because timely retentate exhaust purifier, unlike conventional water purifier. Because artificial can not do the kind of self-cleaning water purifier to clean up from time to time, the traditional artificial water purifiers are cleaned regularly, so the traditional water purifier actually be secondary pollution, but the self-cleaning water purifier not to worry this problem.

   After water purifier treatment will be more healthy?

   Since ordinary water insideMostly underground, so many harmful substances in water can cause a piece of the regions people sick. And our daily drink of water, or else boil drinking water directly, or else come back to buy bottled water to drink.

   But we have to know that boiling water does not bring the total elimination of all harmful substances, like people in some areas, long-term drinking local water and many local people will get kidney stones, this is because the water among the no harmful substances being cleaned. As well as bottled water, Sheung Shui, the current market many kinds, but the line was a lot of shady news broke out, people looked fear in the heart. Bottled water and there is a shelf-life for a long time not finished drinking, water is a breeding ground for bacteria, drinking will make people sick.

   in the understanding of so much knowledge about the water purifier, the children often worry about your health problems, is not some heart? Then six One, a holiday for children today, sending a water purifier child, give the child a healthy body.


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