Water pollution endless water purifis will reach miionof hou
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   has recently been frequent incidents of water pollution, caused by people highly concerns about the safety of water daily, many consumers pinned its hopes on home water purifier. On the one hand is the water purifier penetration rate of less than 5%, the demand for rapid warming; the other is due to the lack of national standards has, good and bad water industry. Household water purifier can become safe drinking water last "line of defense"?


   tap water, bottled drinking water, frequent problems who trusted? Currently widely used by people way of drinking water is tap water and bottled water. But excessive water quality, aging water pipes, there is the phenomenon of cell failure secondary water supply facilities, so that residents of the home water contamination risks. In the first quarter, the nationwide exposure of tap water smell event more than 10 cases. Lanzhou and other places water quality occurs or excessive odor, a large area of 鈥嬧€媡he city without water, people eager to buy purified water.

   many items of packaged water can be reassuring it? Not necessarily. According to the China Consumers Association and the Consumer Association of Jilin Province by comparing experimental results show, on the market for nearly 40% of bottled purified water, mineral water samples colonies exceeded the total number of individual samples over a hundred times more than the standard.

   to protect the safety of drinking water exactly who rely on? Household water purification machines pushed to the front of the stage, become public from the most recent one "line of defense."

   water purifier market profiteering "depth" missing hinder the development of industry GB

   an electronics store, who introduced in recent years, water purifier industry developed rapidly, more and more consumers in home decoration accessories necessary as the water purifier.

   According to the China Household Electrical Appliances Association released data show that over 62% of users have the intention to buy a home water purifier. 2016 water purifier sales growth of 20%, water purifier prices generally rose.

   Despite the huge water purifier market space, but the water purifier market exposure can not be ignored, the most prominent brand in mixed cohabitation, product quality, promote the concept of flying. Relevant sources, water purification market "deep water", not only lead to lack of consumer confidence in the market, but also a serious impediment to the healthy development of the industry.

   Chinas water industry is the main reason for the confusion is that the industry with low barriers to entry, lack of national compulsory standard specification. Data show that domestic water purifier manufacturers have more than 3,200, of which only 120 formal manufacturing enterprises0 number.

   In addition, the water purifier market profits is serious. Water purification machines range in price from a few hundred to million; individual brand water purifier only ex-factory price less than 800 yuan, the market price on the yuan.

   squeezing out the bubble clean up the market, accelerate the popularization create a sunrise industry

   In Europe and other developed countries, the penetration rate of home water purifier up to 90%. But in my country, the countrys overall penetration rate of home water purifier is less than 5% in rural areas is almost blank.

   Chinas well-known enterprises Shi Maisi water purifier water purification Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Xie Jun believe that to speed up the popularity of water purification equipment, water purification products must be allowed to return to rational prices, water purification industry average level of profitability It should not be much higher than the profitability of other industries. "Only so that the public can afford, at ease, water purifier can really households.

  " water purifier enterprises to accelerate the specification, together to create a healthy development of the sunrise industries. "China Quality Inspection Association Professional Committee chairman Dengrui De water purification equipment, said industry leaders to launch affordable products that help enhance the publics confidence and acceptance of water purification machines, products and profits, failed companies will be out of the market .

   source: water purifier Shimai Si

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