Water pollution is a serious choice to buy wat purificnroduc
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   grim situation of water pollution, water pollution, have occurred smell, so many families are turning to water treatment equipment. Recently, the newspaper of the 588 readers conducted a survey, the results (as detailed in the chart) shows that over half of the people most concerned about the function of the purchase of water purification products, but part of the water purification products claiming "feature" is more than marketing gimmicks.

   water purification products on the market are mainly reverse osmosis water, ultrafiltration, activated carbon purifier, magnetized water machine, water softener and the like. Wherein the activated carbon purifier most consumers, this survey, the vote was 35.3%, which can absorb water, chlorine, organic matter, suspended solids and other impurities, but is preferably filtered water to boil and then drink; in reverse osmosis water, followed by 34.3%, higher price, the best purification effect, water filters out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides and so on, can drink without heating, high wastewater disadvantage, and filters out many useful minerals; ultrafiltration machine can remove harmful bacteria and other organic molecules can not be removed water base, scale, as effective as pure water; water softeners, although capable of removing the base, the scale, but not filter germs, etc. , only suitable for the processing bath, laundry domestic water, generally can not be directly consumed; the machine is magnetized water purify contaminants, improve the structure of water molecules, can theoretically be promoted in the "running water", but in reality state next, because the water quality can not be guaranteed absolutely clean, maybe pollutants will be activated on the human body than good. Director of the Chinese Academy of household appliances health appliances Analysis and Testing Center Lu Jian told "Life Times" reporter: "Some businesses claim that removes 99% of impurities, manufacturing magnetized water, or with beauty, anti-cancer and other health functions Most of these claims Yes. marketing gimmick, the lack of scientific evidence, consumers need to choose carefully. "

   in the purchase of a water purifier, 52.7% of consumers are most concerned about function. Lu Jianguo reminder, the biggest problem is the water purifier poor experience, with the appearance of the consumer, the price is difficult to distinguish between good and bad, should be to select the appropriate function according to their own water quality and usage requirements. For example, pollution is more serious or immediate family drinking needs, optional reverse osmosis water; if the heavy odor of tap water, optional large amount of activated carbon loading of the water purifier. Buy water purifier is not a "one shot deal", not only on-site installation, also on a regular basis for the core, so to choose the brand has a perfect after-sales service.

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