Water purification industry outlook good industry aards ill
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   With the improvement of peoples living standards, known as the "21st Century Chinese home appliance industry, the last piece of cake" water appliances industry began to play an increasingly important role in peoples lives, a steady stream of water pollution incidents in people At the same time sounded the alarm, but also offers opportunities for the rapid development of water purification industry.



   But look at the current domestic water purifier market brands under various names, the price level is uneven, the blind expansion of the market, lack of standards and regulatory development of the industry has become a great obstacle. Why market chaos, how the industry norm, reporters interviewed experts, is a water purifier industry "interrogation pulse."

   worries multi-industry disorderly quality


   Reporters interviewed found that a wide variety of water purifiers, the use of diverse technology, product price is from tens of dollars to the million. Beijing Gome tube around the island village store sales staff told reporters that the past two years, a variety of water safety incidents so that the water purifier market continues to heat up, sometimes day to sell nearly 20 sets. There are even products reached monthly sales of thousands of pieces, which illustrates the great potential of water purification products in the Chinese market.

   water purification industry outlook good industry standards still need to improve the

   "China has become the worlds largest water purifier producing countries, but also the fastest growing." Beijing public health drinking water Institute executive director, director of the Beijing health protection health Association of professional Committee of drinking water Zhao Feihong representation. In recent years, water purifier development can be described in full swing, the market demand, peoples understanding of water purifier is also deeper and deeper. However, the water purifier norms still need to improve in order to get the industry sound and rapid development.

   Data show that in 2012 my country water purifier machine production and sales volume exceeded 35 million units, with annual sales of more than 300 billion yuan. According to the survey, the water purification industry in my countrys market capacity of 400 billion yuan per year, of which only amounted to residential and commercial 300 billion yuan.

   Nevertheless, the quality of the water purifier has frequently "shot." Reporters found that almost every product has its nominal impurity, to taste, filter viruses and other effects, can improve the taste, to drink straight effect. Also retains some brands of useful minerals in water, and pH adjusted as a selling point. But water purifier quality standards even clean out "impurities water" and other issues has long been an indisputable fact, production standards and testing sideFrance also has long been criticized.

   "Most appliance dealers and even the person in charge did not know the manufacturer of water purifiers, water purifiers do not understand the law of sales." Senior Engineer, China Water Purifier Industry Association (chips) Secretary-General Gu Chuan long He told reporters that despite the domestic water purifier industry has good prospects for development, but the real investment to set up their own production line of small household electrical appliance enterprises, mostly OEM assembly, non-standard production lead to product quality issues and more hair.

   "market access mechanism is not perfect, the influx of foreign capital and other household appliances industry have involved a combination of factors led to water purifiers and other home appliances product quality is difficult to have strict safeguards." Gu long legend.

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