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  Keen on public welfare of Walter water purifier manufacturers, water purifier ten ranking publishing site: Published: 2018-10-13 Walter has always been adhering to the "Great Love" brand philosophy, committed to public perspective, a good brand reputation, quality of products and services, after-sales industry has won wide acclaim, won consecutive years, "Chinas top ten water purifier brand"! "Todays News" news coverage for you: Walter water purifier manufacturers donated 360 water purifier public service activities, public feelings of love bathed in Longgang: Yesterday, love enterprises Walter Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Longgang District to carry out "healthy drinking water households" charity donation activities, donated 360 sets of household water purifiers to Longgang, resolve family difficulties, health problems of drinking water welfare agencies! at the donation ceremony of the day, each street town Longgang District, welfare institutions, etc. companies sent representatives pennant, thanks! "the feelings of love enterprises difficult business groups, donated 360 units price: household water purification 2880 yuan / Taiwan, the" love speckled Qingcheng It is understood that donated 360 sets of water purifier , 160 will be sent to Longgang welfare, nursing homes, private social welfare institutions, and the remaining 200 will be presented to the user for needy families, all donated by caring enterprise unified water purifier home installation, and provide scheduled maintenance! Walter net water heater Kwok: we are in the general direction of some of the many poor areas, to carry out corporate donation activities, so that more people can drink a healthy and secure good water. We have been advertising costs most companies regard the investment in philanthropy, put the cost to a more suitable place, the real benefit to the people! This activity is for us a number of poor families, homes for the elderly as the main goal of the donation, as is adhering to the wishes of the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, "so that people can drink healthy water," "water is the source of life," so that the general public can drink clean water groups Longgang District charity:! aspects "the government and the charity Commission have always attached great importance to help the masses have difficulties, and actively guide social forces love enterprises, attracting more than some companies, faced with hardship our district on the article, it provides a great help distribute goods directly to them, we need to go on the allocation of real help to them. "

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