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   growth rate of domestic water purifiers amazing, the annual growth rate of the water purifier market is 30%, the market size is billions levels. And domestic water purifier in the present situation, the penetration rate is not very high, therefore the water purifier market prospects, this is probably the main reason more and more people began to plunge into the water purifier market. However, the water purifier brand so much, for the agents wanted to join the water purifier for how to choose a good water purifier brand is indeed a problem. Then, water purifiers joined the agency should pay attention to what?




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   First, the brand is trademark

   many domestic water purifier manufacturers also do not even have a trademark, investors in the study must address this issue, do not get trademark protection for any product there is no security, water purifier franchisee must be aware of.

   Second, the manufacturers have no core technology

   a factory not have their own R & D capabilities and core technology is not a future factory, so the franchisee at the time of the study must look at the manufacturers in this regard ability, so the product can be constantly upgrading, long-lasting symbiotic win-win situation.

   Currently, the market mainly water purification technology from RO membrane and two kinds of reverse osmosis membranes. RO reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers, also known as produced water machine, water purifier ultrafiltration membrane made of multi-called pipeline ultrafiltration water purifier machine or kitchen. Pure water filtration accuracy higher, generally used for household drinking water.

   Third, whether the product has the security code

   It is understood that nearly 95% of domestic water purifier brand no security code, even basic identity are not, leading to the end customer is unable to distinguish between true and false , loyalty is also very low.

   Fourth, factory production scale

   At present there are a lot of pure water industry trade manufacturers, no own production facilities, production equipment, product uncertainty, we can not guarantee the quality and credibility; therefore investigated We have to look at whether they have the production line when this is critical. No producer companies, it may not be how long this factory will fall. Therefore, consumers choose the best professional R & D team, with new research and development center, a proprietary laboratory, proprietary tool shop, production line, car assemblyAmong such as a complete R & D and manufacturing system of water purification agents brand.

   Fifth, water purification agents price

   As the saying goes "pay for" product comparison reflected in the actual size of the same product, materials, production technology, accessories, packing a series of links. In the case of these factors or less, there is to see product positioning. High-end positioning your profits on the large, low-end how much profit you have no room for.

   Sixth, regional protection and after-sales

   It is a lot of water purification agents reflect some water purifier manufacturers in order to make money, repeated investment in the same area, seriously damaging the interests of agents. So in the choice of water purification agents brand, the brand also pay attention to whether the implementation of strict protection of the region, the same region only one exclusive water purification agents.

   water purifier to join the agency to pay attention to what? The answer is more than six points. Today, the water purification industry is developing rapidly, ladies and distribution agents in the full investment enthusiasm, do not forget the careful selection of water purification agents brand. (Source: water purifier network)

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