Water purification small coup
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   water purification small coup, what does? Our daily drinking water purification how simple it, which tips need? Next Xiaobian to introduce.


now home tap water contains chlorine which is a lot of people know, although we usually do not drink tap water directly, but vegetables, washing dishes, etc., or directly use tap water, tap water and without any treatment, so drinking tap water is indirect, direct hazards when there is growing emphasis on pollution caused by people, but most easily overlooked problem indirectly caused by the use of tap water, in addition to the chlorine in tap water still contains heavy metals, which is serious harm to people healthy. How drinking water is considered safe? Is not it better to buy a home water purifier to the point of it.


How to improve the water quality of tap water, easy to improve water quality, as long as half an hour to help improve the quality of what it is to improve it -? Activated carbon with a water softener in addition it allows you also need to prepare so few. thing. An empty beverage bottles, a rope and two sponges. in the end how to do it? very simple, first of all activated charcoal wash, wash the inside of the black crumbs. Next to handle drink bottle, cut off the bottom now the sponge into the bottle (bottle blocked), then activated carbon into them. put the time to gently shake, so some of the activated carbon can be installed more dense. after installed, and put on top of a sponge this is a filter of the last two apertures in bottles top tie, tie a rope on it.


Why this filter it, you can let the water softening it? This is because the calcium and magnesium ions react with the activated carbon will produce calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, and calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate will precipitate, it is filtered sponge down so that water to soften.


You may be concerned that, over time, the activated carbon will work? The benefits of using activated carbon is that it can be reused, as long as it is activated. How to activate it? Every 3-6 months down the activated carbon out, drying, and then into the microwave oven, high heat for 30 seconds, so you can restore the activity, you can continue to use.


Activated carbon adsorption force is very strong, capable of removing a variety of odors and odor shoe placed a pack, there will be a smell.


Activated carbon can absorb water, put a pack closetIt, but also play the role of a drying agent and sweetening agent.


Activated carbon can adsorb the air, harmful gases, newly renovated house put two packets, the residual benzene, methanol and other harmful gases, can be quickly and efficiently adsorbed.


These are the small series of related presentations, we want to help more families make little knowledge of drinking water in this site, please pay attention to this site other sections.




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