Protection of drinking water sources environmental safety of
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   to protect drinking water sources environmental safety is a major livelihood projects, is related to peoples health and social harmony and people. Illegal buildings built in the drinking water source protection areas, not only inconsistent with the natural surroundings, may also cause pollution to the water environment.

   In recent years, water source protection areas to build hotels, villas, restaurants, entertainment and other illegal buildings reported frequently seen in the media. In fact, the state has adopted the "drinking water source protection area of 鈥嬧€媝ollution prevention and control regulations" already for drinking water source protection areas at all levels to make specific provisions.

   to drinking water surface water source protection areas and potential protected areas at all levels, for example, "drinking water source protection area of 鈥嬧€媝ollution prevention and control regulations" clearly: the protection zone, a ban on new or expanded water supply facilities and protection of water sources not related to the construction project; prohibits the discharge of sewage water, sewage outfall has been set must be removed; the water supply need not be set independent of the pier, the ship docked prohibited; prohibition of stacking and storage of industrial waste, municipal waste, manure and other waste matter; setting prohibited depot; prohibited from engaging in planting, stocking poultry and cage culture activities; prohibit activities that may pollute the water tourism and other activities. In the two protected areas, prohibiting new construction, renovation, expansion of construction projects that discharge pollutants; demolish the existing outfall or close down; prohibits the establishment of handling garbage, feces, oil and marina toxic substances. In the quasi-protection zones, prohibiting new construction, expansion of water polluting construction projects; renovation construction projects, not increase emissions.

   visible, water source protection zone should not contrary to the present construction. And to prevent the emergence of illegal construction on the one hand the need to enhance environmental awareness and legal awareness of the public; on the other hand requires relevant departments to continue to intensify law enforcement inspection.

   In fact, since the implementation of the most stringent water management system, Shaanxi in this regard we have been paid a lot of effort and practice. Reporters learned in the interview, Weinan City Jianyu Reservoir, last year on the upper reaches of the farmhouse, illegally built buildings and so on have been banned in order to ensure the safety of Weinan Citys water supply.

   Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau statistics also show that, as of now, Shaanxi Province "environmental protection standardization technical requirements for construction of centralized drinking water sources," according to the development and implementation of the "City of Shaanxi Province and the centralized drinking water water source environmental protection standardization construction special inspection plan ", each year the province launched a centralizedSpecial law enforcement inspection of drinking water sources, water sources of the problems and informed the inspectors, demolition of illegal buildings protected area area 2768.3 square meters, a protected area flag is set and fence construction completion rate increased to 96.4% and 89.9%.

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