Sustainable management of water resources can not relax is t
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   for global agriculture, industry, transport and energy production, the access to water is critical, but also the driving force of economic growth. Water infrastructure as well as access to safe, reliable and economical water and sanitation services can improve peoples lives, promote regional economic development, maintain and create jobs in the world, so that more people into the community. At the same time, sustainable management of water resources is also necessary impetus to achieve green growth and sustainable development.


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can not relax the sustainable management of water resources is the driving force of economic growth (Photo from Internet)

   to turn off the water for a more inclusive and sustainable development important

   "2030 sustainable development agenda" in the centrality of water development goals, to achieve this goal is not only to ensure a sufficient quantity of water resources, but also need to protect the safety and health to provide quality water. Currently, work in the field of water resources mainly covers three aspects: 鈶?water resources management, including integrated water resources management and ecosystem restoration and compensation; 鈶?the construction, operation and maintenance of water infrastructure; 鈶?providing water-related services, including water supply , sanitation and sewage treatment.

   In general, the global labor force, or 78 percent of the worlds jobs depend on water resources. In addition to agriculture and industry, other industries are also highly dependent on water resources, including forestry, aquaculture and inland fisheries, mining and resource extraction, water and sanitation services, as well as most types of power generation companies. At the same time, health care, tourism, and environment management, also working closely associated with water.

   relations in various industries and development of water resources

   (1) Agriculture - Food industry

   water shortage or instability will affect agriculture - employment quality and quantity of the food industry. Investing in agriculture can often increase yield and improve the quality of employment, but may also reduce the cost of employment. In this case, the need to implement appropriate policies to reduce the impact on the unemployed.

   (2) Energy

   global energy demand growing, developing and emerging countries, demand for electricity is particularly prominent. Water surge energy industry, which now accounts for 15% of water consumption in the world, and directly creating employment. At the same time, the global renewable energy industry to make green, jobs are not water-dependent industries increases.

   (3) Industrial

   At present, the industrial and manufacturing accounted for 4 percent of global water consumption; by 2050, only manufacturing water use will increase by 400%. With the advances in industrial technology-related and environmental awareness of the key role of water pressure of water in economic growth continues to increase, the sector is taking measures to reduce water consumption per unit of industrial production, maximize the efficiency of industrial water. The future of the industrial sector still further strengthen the recovery and reuse of water resources, improve water quality to meet production needs, seeking to achieve cleaner production.

   should be strengthened in the future of water resources management

   in the future, countries should be based on domestic resources, potential and development priorities, identify and formulate specific, coordinated strategy, plans and policies, to ensure prerequisite for sustainable development of water resources and environmental sectors to achieve balance, to maximize the creation of more productive work. The international community through the development of long-term goals on water, sanitation, and work related to sustainable development, the development goals for the countries to develop a framework for action specified direction.

   will largely determine the growth potential of high-quality national and regional level work allocation of water resources and provision of water services to various economic sectors. Country or region can focus on job creation and sustainable environment is closely related to the economic sectors will be the key to success. Achieving these goals requires water, energy, food and environmental policy coherence, in order to ensure a coherent and effective incentives to serve all stakeholders. (Source: HC purification network)

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