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   Chairman of the Board of Alibaba Group Jack Ma first proposed "new retail" in 2016 途 Yunqi Hangzhou conference, he pointed out that the next 30 years, e-commerce will be eliminated, replaced by a "new retail." After this view suggested that less than a year, this new model bear fruit in Chinas industries, water purification industry is no exception.

   at the retail arrival of the new era is approaching, identify the direction of development of the market, to adjust the strategic layout for the new changes in the guidelines every company is to survive, then change the water purifier retail new era of what? How should the practitioners who change? Manufacturers from around the country on behalf Recently, sponsored by the International Blue nest-age drinking water, the United States retail co-host of the fourth summit with the Chinese water industry ecosystem "from net new retail poly ingenuity" as the theme, distributors and representatives three hundred people gather together, the situation can be described as bursting of site popularity is the current Beijing international Exhibition water one of the highlights. Meeting industry experts and practitioners actively involved in water purification, water purification have on the current status of the market expressed their views.

   The summit has been the United States, Angel, Chennai solid, strong support to spring, A.O. Smith, Patio and many other companies! At the same time it has been a number of media Netease, Aiken home network and other key reports!



   enterprise spirit of ingenuity should have

   In the current water situation is not optimistic about the situation, people drinking water health problems no longer careless and neglect, and healthy drinking water household electrical appliances has become a force barrier to protect human health and safety of drinking water. However, due to imperfect industry standards, consumer awareness of safe drinking water is still in the training stage, so that the water purifier penetration rate compared to our American and European countries to be much lower. But water purifier in China still has much room for development, and water purification companies how to adapt to market rules is particularly important in the new retail era.

   China Association for Quality Promotion, Vice President and Secretary General said in this high Bohai only fast break times, the pursuit of fast become an important way almost all the competitiveness of enterprises, but on such a fast track, water purification business We should play a more ingenuity spirit, and always adhere to quality, intensive cultivation in the steady forward.




China Association for Quality Promotion, Vice President and Secretary General high Bohai

   As we all know, is a key part of the water purification membrane core,To achieve a safe and healthy drinking water, essential core film quality. China is a populous country, is also the film a big country, the application is very large, but there are low-level applications, application areas is narrow, lack of supporting the film industry and other issues at the same time. The Secretary-General stressed that China Film Industry Association Wang Jiwen future film co will spend more energy and attention to household water purifiers, fuel boost for Chinas home water purifier market.




China Film Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Jiwen

   Chinese Center for Disease Control Institute Ph.D., researcher Mr. Bai Xuetao keynote speech. He introduced the knowledge of safe drinking water, and stressed that the development direction of the water purifier has four: fashion simple, safe, reliable, energy saving, cost-effective, the major water purification companies should strive towards the development of these four areas.




Chinese Center for Disease Control Institute Ph.D., a researcher Bai Xuetao

   Wuhu Midea Electric Manufacturing Co., kitchen water purification operations director Zhang Jialong published "ingenuity and responsibility "keynote speech, he said the United States as the worlds top 500 enterprises, to become the leader in the water industry, mainly due to do the following: first, the United States has been the responsibility-oriented, fully tap the consumer products net drinking water concerns; second, the United States will be based on different water environment of constant exploration and research, to meet consumer demand. US quality, quality first, and only high-quality products to be able to give consumers a satisfactory answer: all consumer-centric, such a product, such enterprises will be able to more effectively serve the public and society.




Wuhu Midea Electric Manufacturing Co., kitchen water purification operations director Zhang Jialong

   clean water consumption shift from material-type service

   in the summit site, a number of new retail water purification guests mentioned during his speech, what is the new retail? With the deepening development of the Internet, not just merchandise, food, books, water consumption scene also changed dramatically. Angel drinking water Industry Group Shenzhen Hao Xiaowei, vice president of marketing, said: "No matter how times change, Angel most concerned about two things: the first is what is in the end users needs; the second is our goods are not able to meet the users needs or to better meet the needs of users, product market standWe must proceed from reality! "




Angel drinking water industry group vice president of marketing Shenzhen Hao Xiaowei

   Chennai solid (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Meng Qingdong published" new retail boutique "keynote speech, he said that behind the new retail boutique and ingenuity actually a kind of spirit, Chennai solid always uphold the concept of ingenuity, requires each product to detailed sophisticated, through continuous deep plowing to grasp the quality of the product.




Chennai solid (Shanghai) environmental Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Meng Qingdong

   "data show that the first half of 2017 water purifier retail sales growth rate reached 30.6% , far higher than the industry average growth rate of household appliances, the overall size of the water purifier market will continue to maintain rapid growth, but is also facing a new situation, opportunities and challenges. "US general manager of Retail Holdings Limited life home appliances division Tangyou Jiang said, for the" new retail ", the United States has its own unique insights, it is the product and the user premise of each other, that is, in order to user needs as the core premise of continued mining deep-seated needs of the user. water purification industry is to promote the key areas of health and safety of drinking water, water purification and the new retail is to promote industrial upgrading and development of the booster.




United States retail holding Co., Ltd., general manager of home appliances division Tangyou Jiang

   businesses need should the situation change

   security research director, researcher, president of the international Institute of China blue nest CDC environment quality E Miller published "environmental health appliance market insight," the keynote speech and released the water industry accessories market research report, the report shows the first half of 2017, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration overall sales volume reached 25.45 million, of which domestic sales for the 1742 million, the export volume was 8.03 million. booster pump household water purifiers in the first half of overall sales amounted to 10.89 million, the number of domestic sales to 9.55 million, export volume was 1.34 million. he believes that the current market environment, health appliances only gathering did not form a cluster, if the formation of clusters to enhance the overall technology market would be beneficial, but in this case down, also contributed to various enterprises in innovation done a lot of work, which enhance the innovative parts of the enterprise and the entire quality accessories They have played a very good role.




Security Control Center research director at China Environment disease prevention water quality, researchers, international president of Blue Nest Institute E Miller

   Beijing Bo letter of commerce limited Wang Jun, deputy general manager keynote address. He introduced Bo Cinda experience in the management process in detail, he believes a new era of retail businesses need should the situation change, to master and use customer information to understand customer habits, to fully tap the customer needs.




Beijing Bo Cinda Trade Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang Jun

   Yu Long, general manager of Beijing Wanyuan Trading Co., Ltd. Lilian Wen also shared the summit site experience, he stressed the need for new thinking in developing new retail before, without this new way of thinking will not appear on the new retail. Finally, the committee


General Manager 鍑€姘村櫒


Beijing Yu Long Wanyuan Trading Co., Ltd. Lilian Wen



   Meeting of award winners, which Angel, United States, Chennai solid access to "water industry product ingenuity Award 2017", the United States, Angel, Smith, come spring won the "2017 water industry brand impact Award." At the same time, the second session of the United States national water purification festival also started on the summit. The summit ended, looking forward to the next summit will be held more exciting.

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