[US] Tian net of groundwater containing 68 kds of antibiotic
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  [US] Tian net of groundwater containing 68 kinds of antibiotics Author: Tim net water purification Views: 287 Date: 2019-5-8 15:45:55 published recently in the domestic academic journal "Science Bulletin," the article said, surface water contains 68 kinds of antibiotics and high concentrations, there are 90 kinds of additional pharmaceutical ingredient is non-antibiotic detected. Antibiotic concentration of water is much higher than abroad 銆愮編鍥芥伂鍑€銆戞垜鍥藉湴涓嬫按鍚?8绉嶆姉鐢熺礌 The article done by the East China University, Tsinghua University, Tongji University and research institutions together for a "pharmaceuticals and personal care products ingredients in surface waters in my country. It is understood, pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), including a variety of prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs and cosmetics, a typical non-prescription drugs, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, sedatives. The article said that 158 鈥嬧€媖inds of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in our water bodies studied in the survey, the top 10 most studied substances are antibiotics. The article said, has about 68 kinds of antibiotics were detected in surface water environment in China, and was detected in overall levels of antibiotics and detection frequencies are higher, some antibiotics detected in the Pearl River, Huangpu River and other places frequency up to 100, some antibiotics detected at concentrations up to several hundred nanograms per liter, industrialized countries is less than 20 nanograms. The article said, my countrys annual production of about 1300 kinds of chemical raw materials and cosmetics, which antibiotics PPCPs annual output of 3.3 million tons, which may be an important reason for the water environment frequently detected high concentrations of PPCPs antibiotics. my country is one of the worlds most serious abuse of antibiotics, the drug is an antibiotic yield of 70, this ratio is only 30 in Western countries. "Aquaculture for the pursuit of speed, put hormones in animal feed," the article said the general, water environment pharmaceuticals and personal care products often come from domestic sewage, industrial wastewater or pharmaceutical companies; agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture aquaculture direct emissions or soil percolation and the like. But in my country, there is still a major source of controversy. According to previous studies, researchers have separately depending on sewage treatment plants, waste water, pharmaceutical plants and hospitals, agricultural land animal husbandry as the main source of pollution. Environmental protection system, an official said, my countrys surface water there is indeed antibiotics and hormones content and more problems, he believes that the main source of pollution is the aquaculture industry. "Fish, crabs, Shrimp and other aquatic products are generally pursuit of speed, put hormones in the feed in. And because large-scale farming, in order to prevent illness, to put a lot of antibiotics, it affects the body of water. "He said that excessive intake of antibiotics will certainly affect health, but the waters of antibiotics and hormones in the end to what extent affect human health, the scientific community has not been a clear analysis of the pharmaceutical industry and the aquaculture industry there is a problem of excessive emissions can be said that a large piece of rural pollution caused by farming is now the public have some concerns about the abuse of antibiotics and hormones and other environmental issues. to solve this problem, in addition to good pollution control outside, also should avoid excessive use of antibiotics.

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