Qiandongnan strengthen the protectioof drinki water sources
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   drinking water source protection and peoples lives, it is not only directly related to peoples health, but also related to sustainable economic and social development. Qiandongnan water sector to strengthen the drinking water source protection as an important task to protect the health of the peoples production and living water.

   grasp the quality, state Water Authority jointly arranged with the State Water 2017 16 county centralized centralized water supply and water quality monitoring taken to send samples of work, according to the county in Guizhou province over urban centralized water supply sources of water resources monthly 16-month quality monitoring results show that 16 statewide centralized water supply and water quality are all qualified.

   to carry out construction safety standards. In May this year, State Water Reservoir has been completed Carey Li Wo video surveillance and protection network installation, Tianzhu County pond reservoir monitoring equipment, Taijiang County ditch hit rock automatic water quality monitoring system and Congjiang single hole automatic water quality monitoring systems and other four county centralized drinking water source safety standards construction plan review was currently being undertaken bidding.

   against water damage environmental behavior, in June this year, the State Environmental Protection Agency, State Water Authority, state police, state Peoples Procuratorate jointly carried out four Qiandongnan source of drinking water environment special law enforcement inspection in July 20, there will be environmental law enforcement inspection to document the form of feedback to each county peoples government, urging cities and counties before the end of this year will complete the rectification problem.

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