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  Water in our lives plays an important role, it is the source of life, material resources is one of human survival and development of the most important indispensable. Various chemical reactions in the human body to function properly must be carried out in the presence of water involved in the case, so the water quality has a direct impact on our health, and water purifiers is to increase a threshold into our drinking water, harmful filter material, but also our health. 01 One reason: 80% of disease is caused by drinking water because the body can cause many diseases, and some diseases but also because "water" caused problems, such as constipation, asthma, hypertension, obesity, hemorrhoids, arterial vascular problems, and even cancer, so how water quality is very important. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) 02, two reasons: the current domestic water pollution, however, the situation is not so optimistic, according to the relevant data show that Chinas water pollution! 195 cities nationwide monitoring results show that 97% of urban groundwater pollution are subject to different degrees, 40% of urban groundwater pollution aggravating trend. 03, Three reasons: there is risk of secondary pollution of water through various water treatment process water is drinkable, but part of the pipeline from lack of repair, there may be secondary pollution, due out from drinking water plant to go through the water supply network transport to millions of households, the way is likely to encounter secondary pollution. For example, the tap without water, it is possible to precipitate collects in the tube, a thorough disinfection is not enough, many living cell towers, water tanks, equipment obsolete, no management. 04, Four reasons: "Bottled drinking water +" mode still has flaws addition, the "Bottled drinking water +" mode still has defects, in particular in: 1, not fresh, bottled water unsafe shelf life is generally 48 hours, place too long it becomes stagnant, while airborne bacteria multiply rapidly in the water, especially in relatively closed dead propagation speed of the water faster and produce pollution. 2, uneconomical family with bottled water, ranging from a few hundred dollars a year, more than a thousand dollars, over time, is also a considerable amount of overhead, and water treatment products in addition to replace the filter each year, the water is almost negligible. 3, to tell you the source of security-related, according to the survey, 80% of the world disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water due to water pollution, there are 50 million child deaths worldwide each year, 35 million people suffering from cardiovascular disease, 70 million people suffering from colorectalStone disease, 90 million people have hepatitis, 30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer, unhealthy drinking water as warm boiled frog. The reason why 80% of the worlds diseases associated with drinking water, because the water quality to the relationship between physical fitness, body fluids about 70% of body weight is an important part of life. In order to maintain the normal function of the human body, including digestion, excretion, circulation, regulate body temperature process, lubrication, metabolism, must rely on water to complete, maintain the luster of the skin and prevent aging, mental stability, resolve the pain of constipation, reduce the harm of nicotine, treatment of colds, prevention of cystitis, kidney and urinary tract stones, fatigue after exercise, are inseparable from the action of water, said water king hundred drugs. What kind of water should drink to be healthy? What kind of water is good healthy water? We think that to reduce disease and stay healthy, you must drink clean water. And clean water have two levels, first of all to safe, healthy water is followed as much as possible. 4, safe drinking water usually used to say "clean water" is actually safe, the water is harmless to the body, what kind of water is safe water? The new "drinking water health standards" provides drinking water quality standards of the original 35 indicators increased to 106, an increase of 71, and a clear pH range of drinking water (PH value) again between 6.5-8.0, and the international standard match to determine the water quality of drinking water "safe" standards. Currently, without safe drinking water treatment it is almost non-existent. First, the national drinking water standards to complete 106 detection indicators, to have a few cities? Several water plant? Second, the water from the water through pipes, tanks to the home can cause secondary pollution. So for the public, without the treated water is safe to drink very difficult. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted)

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