Redstar shareholders holdings of over 700 million yuan durin
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   "robust performance, the company concerted effort from top to bottom are Meikailong future development into the tonic."

   This year, Redstar can be described as the most active front holdings of listed companies one, has completed a phase II employee stock ownership plan, some employees controlling shareholder and subsidiary enterprises plan to purchase shares, a total spend 517 million yuan; plus practice to spend 224 million yuan IPO price stability embodiment, during the year It has invested 741 million yuan.



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   Data also show that as of the end of September, involving 19 Meikailong household holdings of shareholders, many times 6080.58 million shares to buy the total number of shares, accumulated holdings of the reference market value of about 740 million yuan, accounting for total holdings of the market value of a stock market value (does not include restricted shares) of 16.67%, the total amount of both holdings or increase the number of shares accounting for the actual proportion of the outstanding shares of both Shanghai and Shenzhen highest, such efforts on the a-share holdings of history is rare.

   to spend 224 million yuan to practice IPO price stability embodiment

   as early as in the previous, Meikailong 2018 Annual General Meeting adopted the "companys initial public offering and listing of ordinary shares of RMB within three years after the bill price stability embodiment, "it can be said that the controlling shareholder, actual controller as well as directors, supervisors when he was holdings of shares by way of a comprehensive practice-related commitments, further demonstrates the confidence in the prospects for the future development of the company and play.

   and September 28, Redstar announced the progress of the above-mentioned notice of motion. As of September 27, 2019, Redstar Red Star Holdings, the controlling shareholder, actual controller build a new car through its control of himself and wholly-owned subsidiary of Red Star Holdings Changzhou US Open, when he was director, senior management and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board has a total cost of 224 million yuan holdings of a shares of the public company shares, the total holdings of the funds has exceeded the lower limit holdings program. At this point, it is relevant subjects on the companys initial public offering of ordinary shares of RMB stable price embodiment and listed within three years after the relevant commitment has been fulfilled, the follow-up no longer start on the companys initial public offering of common stock of RMB stable and listed within three years after the stock price embodiments .

   Data also show that as of September 30 this year, a total of a dozen Red StarUS Chiron shareholders / executives holdings of shares, which Macalline Holdings total holdings 961.21 million shares, chairman build a new car and holding open Changzhou US information technology companies in total holdings of 885.67 million shares, other executives Total total holdings of 95.26 million shares of the total market value of holdings of 224 million yuan reference section.


   Analysts pointed out that Meikailong major shareholders and executives of large holdings not only conducive to stable secondary market investor confidence in the companys future development, while is a shot in the arm for internal staff. Generally, holdings after the announcement, shares of listed companies in both absolute cumulative gain or cumulative excess returns are significantly positive, and the companys stock price volatility will be significantly reduced, which means that major shareholders have a very good stability and enhance the role of stock prices. Research found that major shareholders, help to reduce the problem of asymmetric information, investors can focus on gradually discovered and recognized the value of the investment company, so in the long run, the major shareholders of the companys share price over the cumulative gain with the passage of time will continue to increase.

   directors, supervisors voluntary holdings of shares, nearly billion holdings impending onslaught

   just announced the completion of the IPO share price stable embodiment less than 2 days, at Redstar recurrent September 29 positive announcement that part of the company directors, senior management and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board proposed since September 30, 2019 to March 31 2020, holdings of A shares of the public company shares, holdings amount range for 8100 10,000 to 97,200,000 yuan. Holdings with no price limit, the upper limit of 22.9 yuan. Above the main commitments holdings within 6 months after the completion of this purchase plans will not sell the shares purchased in this.


   It is worth mentioning that, before the purchase plans of the company in the performance of initial public offering of RMB ordinary shares and stabilize the share price related commitments embodiments within three years after the listing, the September 29 announcement of the purchase plans IPO price stability embodiment unrelated, entirely voluntary behavior of company executives, the starting point is the companys business situation, profitability and prospects of confidence. Under the premise without any obligation, voluntary holdings of executives that the companys management optimistic about the development of the company.

   employee stock ownership plan to boost internal and external confidence

   In addition to the shareholders, directors, supervisors optimistic about the companys development with practical action to real money, but Meikailong further boost internal and external confidence through employee stock ownership plan, to further improve corporate governance, to fully enhance the companys core backbone the enthusiasm and the companys competitiveness and promote long-term, sustained and healthy development, to achieve fully integrated long-term development and interests of employees of the company.

   It is reported that Redstar respectively in January 14, 2019, May 16, 2019 for consideration by the first and second phases Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This year, the company has completed one, two employee stock ownership plan, and part of the controlling shareholder and subsidiaries of the employee stock purchase plan, a total spend 517 million plus IPO stable share price of 224 million yuan to complete the implementation of the program, the company this year has invested 741 million yuan to increase its stake.

   Analysis of the industry, employee stock ownership plan is to develop the company and employee incentive an effective combination of common initiatives, not only fully demonstrated the companys confidence in the future development of up and down, but also can improve the team in enthusiasm and stability on the basis of further boosting internal and external confidence.

   to the good business performance, new retail layout further deepen

   robust earnings growth probably directors, supervisors and the companys holdings of shares and employee benefits incentive compatibility of lung power.

   2018 annual report, Redstar 2018 the company achieved operating income of 14.24 billion yuan, an increase of 29.9%; net profit after deduction of non owned by the parent 2.566 billion yuan, an increase of 11.31%. In the first half, Redstar still maintained rapid growth, achieving operating income of 7.757 billion yuan, an increase of 21.70%; net profit after deduction of non owned by the parent 1.713 billion yuan, an increase of 6.08%.

   robust performance, the company concerted effort from top to bottom are Meikailong future sustainable development into the tonic. On the one hand, a solid brand through self Meikailong, pipe Commission broaden the channels, relying on two-wheel drive mode steadily and continuously improve market share. On the other hand, Meikailong in May this year, Alibaba signed a "strategic cooperation agreement", hand in hand into the new retail Ali, the two sides will build a new retail store, electronic business platform construction, logistics warehouse distribution system and installation service providers , consumer finance, complex formats, payment systems, information sharing sevenAreas deeper cooperation. This means that two huge consumption data exchange platform. Upon completion of merchandise, marketing, logistics, payment, information and other aspects of data to get through the next Meikailong users will realize with Alibaba users to fully open up, changes in consumer consumption in the home improvement needed logistics experience, service experience, financial experience all the goods and interactive experience to truly create online and offline user closed loop, reconstruct domestic industry.

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