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   13-15 October, the Seventh China International Water Technology Exhibition in Beijing held a grand China International Exhibition Center (New Hall), a number of water purification companies to bring the latest products and technology unveiled this exhibition, the number of visitors also a new high. Mr. Meng Qingdong Chennai solid (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of an interview with reporters, and the exhibition and business development expressed their views.


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is the trend of the future of whole house water purifier brand must first make good quality (Photo from Internet)

   RO machine is only part of the "whole house water purification "is the main direction of the

   show is a great way to promote the enterprise value of clean water, enterprises can take advantage of this new opportunity to showcase new technology, expand brand awareness. Beijing Water Show of the year as the Norths largest professional water show, Chennai solid German company for the trade fair has also brought some innovative water purification products. According to Mr. Meng Qingdong introduction, Chennai solid Germany at the show in line with the concept of "healthy German medical technology," the grand launch of two models of RO machine innovative products, this product in Germany, the factory has developed more than two years, function, the process is perfect, mainly to cater to the Chinese market high-end RO machine. This product RO reverse osmosis machine with the vast majority of the international qualitatively different, solid German Nye defines it as: "SIBEV human health, water resources," science and technology, while the product in the area of 鈥嬧€媡echnology module adds a machine control the system pre-cleaning function, water each time, there is a waterway about 5-10 seconds of the cleaning process, the original remains in the pipe network in the stagnant water to wash away, to ensure that every drink of clean water are now system and meet the health standards of human value of fresh water. No barrel large flow of market than exists for a more popular RO machine health, environmental protection and intelligent.

   As a solid Chennai to Germany "whole house water purification system" oriented enterprises, since the end of the century continued to focus on the "whole house water purification system," the development and promotion, RO machine only product category in one. Mr. Meng Qingdong that precisely because the Chinese market account for a large share of the RO machine, it is sufficient to explain the development of Chinas water purifier market imperfections. More consumer awareness of the product just to stay at a certain stage, let alone have a greater awareness of the brand, and these form a one-sided concept of consumption and water quality in China have a certain relationship, but withChina water purifier brand positioning, product introduction, water purification cultural science, has a greater relationship.

   A lot of people think, installed a RO water purifier at home on the water quality problems have been resolved. Obviously, this is one-sided, the health point of view, RO machine is only part of the solution and a small amount of drinking water, wash rice vegetables, wash bath, laundry ironing, cooling and heating, and so these aspects of gardening protect fish both on the water quality has different needs, these are far from being able to solve a RO machine can do, then "the whole house water purification system" is the protagonist. Therefore, Germany has been that solid Chennai, RO machine is only one aspect of the single solve drinking water, of course, can be used as a water purifier market entry point, but could not be more wrong can not be one-sided mislead consumers to the machine as a single RO improving the holy grail of home water use. Companies need to do is to guide the end consumer correct and comprehensive understanding of the water purification knowledge, timely and appropriate to accept the concept of "whole house water purification system".

   industry norms require countries and companies the same time force

   last year, Mr. Meng Qingdong Zeng said that among us live in, the state has adopted expect more and better standards of water purification program, the current norms water purification market. The good news is, this year, China issued a series of water purification industry is indeed standard: "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit", "water efficiency leader action plan" and so on. Faced with these standards promulgated, Mr. Meng Qingdong believe that this is a necessary condition for the water industry norms. At present, my countrys three or four one thousand water purification business, fish, uneven, business workshops was covered, and some foreign brand name companies blatantly deceive consumers. Water industry is a livelihood of industry, like the Chinese dairy industry, like the system, not according to high standards, to produce high-quality technology products, sooner or later will be seen through to consumers, eventually was out of the market. Germany Chennai solid full range of products, including two years has been operating in China "A Guer" sub-brand products, we have been advocating the "100% imported machine, free lifetime warranty" business philosophy.

   specifically asked for life the life of the German Chennai solid product is strictly enforced in accordance with existing national standards, such as the state filter bottle service life of not more than 48 months, then Germany promised in Chennai solid products consumers buy after Related products free warranty within 48 months. Therefore, the more introduction of national standards, not only is the test of the quality of products, the sale ofService capability, it is necessary to standardize the process industry, the only way to allow consumers to enjoy the health, safety, environmental protection, high-quality water purification products.

   Intelligent Water Purifier to be pragmatic unnecessary excessive packaging

   In recent years, an increasing number of appliances with the word "intellectual" brand energy, water purifiers are not much better. Mr. Meng Qingdong believes that water purifier just a tool against humanity of poor water quality, environmental protection and its contents is healthy, it does not include household appliances and entertainment life. We can not stay away from her true values, but not blindly touted as "Industry 4.0" smart technology. The purpose of the water purifier is to improve water quality, and certainly health in the production of materials, product structure safer, more environmentally friendly wastewater discharge and other fields is worth carrying forward and advocated, but do not agree on a large intelligent remote control device, adding extra cool LCD screen and other external packaging. Germanys Siemens, Bosch, etc., there is not much intelligent things, but functional, on the constant pursuit of quality. China, in turn, put effort spent on product appearance and packaging, increasing the so-called intelligent accessory nonsense, grandstanding, but ignored the true value of water purifiers.

   Brand: first do "product" will have a "brand"

   many Chinese water companies, products of varying quality is obvious. Have occurred agents, consumer deception by unscrupulous business problems. Therefore, Mr. Meng Qingdong believes that Germany Chennai solid as a German-owned brand, the face of mixed market of China, we must first stick to their "goods", based on the spirit of German craftsmen, the product quality continue to do, remarketing people "card . " Brand, is to first have another licensed products, products do well, will naturally licensing shatter. Germany Chennai solid and always adhere to health-oriented, safety, environmental protection as the goal, Chennai solid, Agu Er achieve impeccable product quality.

   According to Mr. Meng Qingdong introduction, AQUER (A Guer) Chennai solid as Germanys high-end brand, with a strong price of imported goods in the "flood" terms of a pre-filter, central water, central water softener, etc., the main channels in a second-tier market. "Chennai solid (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd." As a German Chennai solid operational headquarters in China, this years team-building, institutional planning, marketing plans and so has been completed ahead of next years core work is the main brand of solid German Chennai the full range of products into the Chinese market, to the Chinese people withTo higher-end, more excellent products of whole house water purification products. (Source: HC purification network)

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