Origin Water Technology Innovation to Solve rural sewage dil
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  At present my countrys rural water supply safety worrying, sewage treatment coverage is far below the town, in the country to speed up the comprehensive improvement of rural environment background, rural water market become the battleground water companies, also contributed to the upgrading of related products.

   Recently, held in Beijing on the Seventh China International Water Technology Exhibition and China International membrane and water treatment technology and equipment exhibition, clear water source of the companys products "intelligent integrated wastewater purification systems (CWT)" has quietly upgraded and put into use, it has attracted many visitors linger.

   It is understood that, as the country new rural construction, in order to more flexibly adapt to the current difficulties of rural sewage treatment, clean water sources by the company to take "enterprises to engage stations, government piping network" on the new site; for by the government-built plant station, using regional sewage facilities package, entrusted operation way and successfully build a national rural flood control channel rather demonstration effect, voted to build like a cloud stone urban Beijing sewage treatment station, Huairou Tanghekou sewage treatment works typical flood control project in rural Mentougou Chenjiazhuang sewage treatment station. (Sun Xiaoguang)

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