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   the first quarter of 2020, affected by the new crown epidemic, most of the provinces can not open the sales department, housing prices in the first quarter sales pressure. Let property market in 2020, "Indian summer" to "Osamu" traditional "gold and three silver four" also downgraded to "iron three bronzes four." According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that: 1 - 3 months, the national real estate development investment year on year negative growth, down 7.7 percent, new housing construction area, land acquisition area, the main indicators of completion of the area, real estate sales, housing prices in place funding and other industries are also a marked decline. Hardcover market under its direct influence, scale downward trend. As the two complementary fresh air market is kind of how it? Now a quarter of new wind market performance are summarized as follows:

   affected by the epidemic, supporting new wind scale hardcover market decline, supporting rate has steadily

   affected by the epidemic, put the size of fine decoration market opening slow. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) Monitoring data show large real estate: the national real estate industry in 2020 Q1 fine decoration market new projects 334, down 62.0% year on year, the market size of 308,000 units, down 59.1% year on year, as in recent years refined decoration scale for the first time a downward trend. As a secondary air system supporting products, affected by the broader market in 2020 Q1 refined decoration market size of 82,000 units, down 57.2% year on year. But support was 26.5%, still maintained a steady upward trend.



Source: Orville cloud network real estate big data

   Although the general decline in the size of the regional market, there were some bright spot of growth

   epidemic under pressure in 2020 Q1 Chinese commercial residential real estate transaction size affected, forced financial chain flow needs, the head of the housing enterprises prefer the more developed economies, relatively high demand area opened. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) Monitoring data show that refined decoration fresh air market in the epidemic, the head of housing prices in 2020 Q1 opening the project are located in the East China region, accounting for over 5 percent. Judging from the developer, China Evergrande, Country Garden, green holding opening the project a total share of 35%. In response to the epidemic "Black Swan" industry cycle superimposed pressure, leading enterprises have been "selling live", and give preferential. Among the best performing real estate Jinke, supporting new wind scale an increase of 428%.

   Judging from the city, Eastern RegionNanjing, Nantong, Hangzhou is TOP3 city, accounting for a total of over 4 percent, the market size also have different degrees of increase. Among the most outstanding performance in Nanjing, the size of the opening up 270.9 percent.

   epidemic caused further enhance the brand concentration

   2020 Q1 hardcover brand new air supporting the market performance, the head further enhance the brand concentration, Matthew is becoming increasingly apparent. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) monitoring data show that in 2020 Q1, fine decoration market TOP5 brand new air system accounted for 64.1%, the chain increased 3.8 percentage points. From the point of view the number of brands, in 2020 a total of 20 brands participate in the competition, reducing the 57 brands, is a brand new entrants, compared with 2019 decreased compared to 57 brands. Exit greater than the number of new brands into the brand. The fragile nature of the pattern of second and third tier brand camp.



Source: Orville cloud network real estate big data

   50 is still the main, non-50 share rise year by year

   2020 in Q1,50 strong developers are still dominant, market share of 75%, a slight decline from a year earlier, of which China Evergrande, Country Garden, green holding market share than the first, accounting for a total of 47%; non-Top 50 developers underperformed the top 50, but year by year trend higher. Where the market share of 25%, an increase of 0.7 percentage points over the same period last year. Among them, New Hope Group, Chenzhou City, Hot Springs International City Development Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Ting excellent optical performance of Real Estate Development Co., accounting for a total of up to 25%. Judging from the matching rate, with 50 new non-matching rate of 50 wind developers are on the rise year by year. With more and more comfortable products favored by developers, many developers will have to join the army supporting the fresh air in.


   After the epidemic, ushered in prosperity?

   affected by the epidemic, the health needs of consumers for the surge in home appliances, household electrical appliances have health function popular in the market, at the same time, the new wind product began to concern by consumers. During the epidemic prevention and control, the countrys new crown pneumonia prevention and control group made it clear in February 12 issued a "novel coronavirus offices and public places, air conditioning and ventilation system operation and management guidance during the pneumonia epidemic", the new crown during the epidemic of pneumonia, doPublic places, public buildings, shopping malls and other air system should run throughout the day to ensure the indoor air fresh.


   After this plague, fresh air system will usher in a huge increase

   Although the scale of new wind matching the first quarter of this year, affected by the outbreak of contrast has dropped slightly last year . But with the era after the outbreak, in support of national policy and peoples health needs for attention, we firmly believe that the new air system will be the future of healthy living standard. The new wind industrys future development prospects for the better. Orville cloud network is expected in 2020 new wind industry sales volume is expected to exceed 2.11 million units, an increase of about 45%. The new wind industry is expected to usher in prosperity in the plight of traditional manufacturing in 2020.

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