Use safety knowledge about thdrinking fountas
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   water dispenser is easy to use, but if used incorrectly is also a lot of hidden dangers, and there are potentially explosive and fire. Well, you would use drinking it? If you do not, they followed together to learn about how to use it properly dispenser.


With the continuous improvement of peoples living standards, drinking fountains have entered the office and at home, become an indispensable everyday objects. But in the course of drinking, few people pay attention to its safety factor, if used improperly, it can cause a fire. How to prevent a fire drinking it? First, follow the safety net for small series we take a look at the reasons fountains of fire.




fountain fire, mainly in:


a temperature control device malfunction;


2 heating element is damaged, a short circuit, the load current. is too large, exceeding the safety current conductor;.


3-free dry liner dispenser dewatering apparatus, a "dry";.


4 cooler in line aging.


To prevent fire water dispenser, you must note the following:


1 to have a product certificate to buy water dispenser was not to be cheap to buy inferior goods, bearing in mind invoicing, event of an accident, can protect their own interests by consumer associations.


2. night before going to bed or when no work at home, to plug or unplug the dispenser to turn off the power switch, so that safe and energy saving.


3 found bottled water runs out promptly to unplug the same time to notify water and bottled water.


4. The dispenser is preferably not placed on fuel, especially flammable or can not be placed near bedrooms, living room is preferably placed in a safe place to prevent fire spread and after drinking.


5 household appliances and fuse wires must meet the requirements of the selection, installation and leakage protection, electrical equipment is also noted that regular inspection, damage is found, timely repair, replacement, to prevent accidents.


6. No "means anti-dry" Do dispenser heated in the absence of water, resulting in the liner a "dry" state, safety problems occur. An important place


7. units or in public places, especially as banking, accounting room, to drinkUse water machine but also to the implementation of staff management, to ensure safety.


See here, I believe we already know how to safely use the water dispenser, safety nets Xiao Bian hope that through the above knowledge, we can correctly use water dispensers, health and safety of drinking water. To learn more about safe drinking knowledge, please pay attention - safety knowledge channel.




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