Want to choose the right water purifier will starfrom fivang
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   household water purifiers began to enter millions of households, but because the market is not strict regulatory regime, so that the water purifier market a wide range of products, good and bad, brand miscellaneous and chaos, so that consumers who do not mind the selection criteria. Today, Xiao Bian tell you: choose water purifier, to consider it from several angles.




would want to choose the right water filter from five angles start (Photo from Internet)

   a point of view: for choice anti-RO osmotic water purifier

   there are a variety of household water purifiers, there are many manufacturers producing various concepts themselves, such as mineral water machine, running water, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis machine, and so the RO. In fact, you only need to know the most crucial point to only buy water purifier RO reverse osmosis water machine. China increasingly serious water pollution, only this pure water in order to ensure the health and safety of drinking water, the water can completely filter out sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, organic molecules, heavy metals and other harmful substances, only the running water, drinkable really achieve the effect of carefully protect human health.

   angle II: for choice watertight

   water purifier most difficult to overcome technical problems, is to ensure that the machine in any case can not leak, once the leak, if you happen to business or pleasure, will lead the home stealing, bad bubble expensive flooring, even penetrated into the neighbor downstairs. Such accidents are common. Therefore, when choosing a water purifier sure to look for the quality assurance of water purifier brand, after thousands of times atmospheric pressure, water pressure test, will not leaking phenomenon.

   angle three: for choice of food-grade material

   Water is the drink into the stomach, must ensure absolute safety. Wading all components, including water pipes, filters, interfaces, should reach food grade standards, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

   angle four: for choice authoritative certification

   According to Ministry of Health, the number of wading products this document statistics, the domestic health permit water purifier manufacturers have more than 1,000. In fact, on the market in the sale of water purification products more than 10,000. The vast majority take is undocumented, incompatible sets of certificates, false evidence and the way in product marketing drinkers. It can be seen that there is an optional certification authority of how important water purifier brand.

   angle V: for choice improve after-sale

   water purifier itself is semi-finished products, which is the industry consensus, especially in product is particularly important during the installation, with the industry saying goes, "two-thirds Products , seven installation ", were indicative of the water purifier market is the need for a better system of after-sales service. The filter should generally use three or four months after cleaning or replacement, otherwise it will be blocked or affect the water effect. We need more professional service staff carry out regular maintenance. This is critical to maintaining the quality of the water purifier.

   no matter how many kinds of water purification products on the market, in the purchase of water purifiers, just to buy the above five point of view on, I believe you will be able to choose the satisfaction of water purification products.

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